Whitecrook: disputed neighbor claim and counterclaim

A GROUP of Whitecrook residents claim a neighbor and their dogs are making life in the housing estate a ‘nightmare’ – but the pet’s owner has hit back saying she was targeted because of her age.

The group of plaintiffs, which includes Patricia Lennie, who has lived at her Richmond Street address for 30 years, allege the couple living next door are guilty of repeated problems with anti-social behavior.

They say that includes playing loud music, kicking wheelie bins, arguing late into the night and allowing their pit bull dogs to burrow in gardens without picking it up.

They claim that when confronted, the couple becomes violent.

It is also alleged that one of the dogs attacked another dog, a Yorkshire terrier, knocking the elderly owner to the ground.

A neighbor said the attacking dog had to be fought to free the Yorkie.

Speaking about the incident, the veteran animal lover said: “My son was hitting the dog on the head and she still wouldn’t let go. And I ended up on the ground.

“I’m not going back there until that dog is here. My dog ​​is not like he was when he went out.

Mrs. Lennie told the Job the ongoing feud affects his sanity.

She said, “It kills me. It really is. I’m in remission from cancer and it really pisses me off.

“We phoned the police at the very beginning, who told us to go to the accommodation, and that’s what we did. And nothing has changed.

A fourth neighbour, who also says her life has been disrupted by the disruption, said: “I cannot live in my house at the moment. It’s just a nightmare with loud music, dogs barking, they’ve been at my door, they’ve already knocked on my door.

“I have to leave and stay with my ex-partner because of this.

“I walked up to their door and they said, ‘You’re just an old woman sitting on a bench.’
La Poste reached out to the tenant to submit the various neighborhood complaints.

In response, Sarah Smith said: “Really, this is all pathetic, to be honest. I’m 24, so I’m the youngest here.

“It’s a little bit bullying for me if you know what I mean, because I have the dogs.

“I had two dogs but I had to give up one.

“My partner is transgender, and they think that’s wrong. It’s a bit of a joke, to be honest.

Ms Smith confirmed her dog attacked the Yorkie.

She said: “The dog was from a kennel and he was basically protecting us because he thought this other dog was coming to harm us. But it was a mess.

Ms Smith insisted that as soon as the dog made a mistake the mess would be picked up and said that could only happen if the owner’s door had not been left open.

She added that she was trying to leave the area.

“I’m looking for a move because I feel targeted,” she said. “My mental health hasn’t been the best through it all either.”

A spokesperson for West Dunbartonshire Council’s housing department said: ‘As with all complaints of anti-social behaviour, these allegations have been investigated and appropriate action has been taken based on the evidence available.

“We continue to monitor this situation and provide support and advice to both parties.”

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