What has changed in society?

wandering Wanda

City of Jefferson

Dear Editor,

The murder of 19 helpless children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas is beyond comprehension. It’s fundamentally wrong, and no amount of lamentation against our absolute Second Amendment rights, Mr. Biden, will stop this kind of carnage.

When did school shootings, other mass shootings, or mowing down pedestrians with cars become commonplace? These are phenomena I had never heard of growing up in the late 50s, 60s and 70s.

We had a long gun sitting in the corner of almost every room in our country house. We only had latches on our screen doors and never closed our doors at night. We were taught to respect our parents and our teachers and to respect the use of firearms. Most if not all the children I knew had both parents living with them. And even though some had hard lives, there was a respect for authority. If there were breaches in this regard, there was a consequence quickly applied.

Many teenagers carried their guns on racks in the back window of their vans, and no one was afraid they would use them to kill someone. They would park their trucks on school property without question or suspicion.

Something has changed in our country and our society, and it is not the weapons that have changed. We have pushed prayer and Bible reading out of our schools because a certain ungodly sector of society has found it offensive and has spoken out against such teachings of justice, obedience and responsibility.

The federal government, under President LBJ’s social programs to support single mothers only if they remained single, has been another linchpin in destroying the family and demoralizing society. Fatherless homes are responsible for instability, insecurity and anarchy. The family foundation has been eroded by those who want chaos and violence in our society because lawlessness causes people to look for someone to control and stop the violence. Voila, the one world government!

Who bought the expensive guns and ammunition for Salvador Ramos? What did law enforcement know about the shooter? What prompted him to act on a school where no resource officer was present? False flag in order to push more gun control measures? Evil knows no bounds.

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