‘We’ve had five years of carnage’ – Bay Estate residents object to new development driveway

Bay Estate residents are opposing Louth County Council’s decision to grant planning permission for 89 new homes on Red Barns Road in Dundalk.

They fear that the development of 60 houses and 29 apartments will have an impact on both their quality of life and the value of their home.

Louth County Council last month granted planning permission to Wonderglade Unlimited Company for the development and now residents of Hazel Close have filed an objection with An Bord Pleanala.

Plans include links to Bay Estate which will see a driveway leading to Hazel Close, a small cul de sac of just six houses.

‘He’ll come out 10 or 12 feet from my front door and we don’t have a front yard,’ said one resident, who did not wish to be named due to ongoing issues with antisocial behavior.

“We’ve had serious antisocial behavior issues for five or six years,” he says. “It comes from two houses, but the Council ignores it.”

“We live in fear and now that this alley is moving forward it will bring a rat-run to our front door.”

He said residents were not opposed to the new development, but to the connection to their own estate.

“We bought our houses because they were in a dead end, and now they are going to be devalued.”

“We have no problem with the houses or with public housing because everyone deserves a home, but we are concerned that the access for the new development will be through an alleyway leading to our cul-de-sac,” says a another resident of Hazel Close, who also wishes to remain anonymous.

“We have filed an objection with the county council, as have the residents of Springfield Manor, and are now going to An Bord Pleanala.”

She says the main concern of residents of Hazel Close is that there will be an alley that leads to their street.

“We bought our houses as a cul-de-sac and that will bring a lot of extra foot traffic. There is also a major problem with the alleys becoming rat passages and being used for anti-social behavior.”

“There are already other access routes from the proposed new development to the Bay Estate, so I don’t know why they need this one.”

She points out that the Council is in the process of closing down alleys in other areas as they have been a major factor in anti-social behavior.

“We already have problems here with drug trafficking and parties in two houses and the Council does not want to know about it. We have had people with guns, knives, drugs and late night parties. people were threatened. We followed all the procedures and filled in all the forms but the Council did nothing.”

She said the Gardai had responded to their complaints but the issues remained.

“We’ve had five years of absolute carnage and it still hasn’t been resolved.”

As well as concerns about the driveway, she says planning conditions for new developments mean new buildings will be taller than existing homes in Willow Grove.

“It’s also going to be walled off, so the fear is that residents of Willow Grove and Springfield will face massive flooding issues.”

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