Warwickshire officers trained to protect our county’s historic sites from crime and anti-social behavior


Some of the Warwickshire officers who have completed the new course.

Some of the Warwickshire officers who have completed the new course.

Warwickshire Police officers have become the first in the country to take a new training course from Historic England which aims to help them root out crime and anti-social behavior at historic sites in our county.

The training consisted of two online workshops led by specialist trainers from Historic England and Essex Police.

As part of the training, officers were encouraged to identify and visit historic sites and buildings within their area of ​​force and, where possible, to meet and interact with owners.

After a formal assessment, 16 officers met the required standard of “heritage crimes officer”.

This brings the total number of Heritage Officers in Warwickshire Police to 19.

Rural Crime Coordinator Carol Cotterill, Warwickshire Police Rural Crime Team, said: ‘We are really delighted as a force to have this specialized training for our officers and we are continuing to build on the strong partnership we have with Historic England. ”

Mark Harrison, Head of Heritage Crime Strategy, Historic England, who led the training, said: “The judging panel was very impressed with the level of knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication. demonstrated by the officers; they have shown their readiness to work with Historic England and the communities of Warwickshire to protect the county’s heritage from the threat and impact of crime and anti-social behavior.


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