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Children are much more exposed to screens these days. To remedy this, the architect turned entrepreneur Ekta Ohri believes that children should spend the rest of their time connecting with the things around them and learning from real life experiences – through the trinity of seeing, touching and feeling. With that in mind, Ekta set up a Gurugram-based learning company called LitJoys which aims to help children aged 3 to 10 become more compassionate, responsible and happy. Founded in 2017, LitJoys offers interactive storybooks, games and experience-based learning activities that have a hands-on approach where the child, as well as the parents, are involved.

Ekta, who is also an anthropologist, tells us that children today are not only addicted to screens, but also junk food, plastic toys and also have a clear lack of parental involvement. “When I became a parent myself, I made sure my own son didn’t consume trash or used cell phones in his spare time until COVID happened and he had to take online classes. . Addiction to plastic toys, I thought, could also be harmful as they have no texture compared to clay, it does not help a child’s growth and development or even their imagination ” , she adds.

The Apple Food Menu game

To combat these problems, Ekta created LitJoys. It offers story books and interactive games like Travel Diaries and something called Apple Food Menu. Explaining how these contribute to a child’s learning, Ekta says, “For example, the Apple Food menu is a game designed to change difficult eating habits and help a child become more aware of what they are eating. . It comes in the form of a menu card. Where different foods are listed, they are categorized into different types of apples – red, yellow, and black. One that is rich in vitamins and minerals and unprocessed is red, one that is which is moderate is yellow, something like candy is completely black while a veggie burger would be yellow. I have also added game sheets where it is important to note what you eat and how you eat – on a table, how long do you take to finish, if you are sitting in front of tv then you have binge eating, which leads to obesity in children.There are also cards that ask you to color fruits and vegetables to to understand how much you eat per day. These activities also help parents spend time with their children. ”

Speaking of how Ekta came up with something like this, she recalls, “The idea actually came up long before I even thought about setting up something like this. A family friend came to visit us. visit and they had a three year old daughter, who was hanging on her iPad the whole time she was in our house. It was around 2012, the 3-4 hours she spent with us, she was not watching at all. When you look at this today, it’s still different scenario because children are more into gadgets, with the pandemic, they are forced to attend online courses. Ten years ago, I was really shocked and wanted to understand why this was happening.As I had also studied anthropology, this kind of social behavior made me I was working in a consulting firm before I became an entrepreneur, I was also doing business with the education at that time and that prompted me to do something about learning early childhood, how to keep them off the screen, etc. When I became a mother myself, I understood these things better, I realized how important it is for children to start reading at an early age. I left my job around 2016 to get into this field and started with some research by organizing workshops with parents and children to understand challenges, behaviors, etc.

Ekta Ohri with her son

Ekta’s books center on a young boy named Abdu, whose character is inspired by his own son and he cares about the environment and is respectful of people from different walks of life. “Abdu is the central character of my storybooks The Gulmohar tree and the city of stars. The reason behind this was to show the children who read these books that someone like them cares about climate change, behaves well, is inclusive and many other things. I have an upcoming book called Time Story through which I hope to convey the value of punctuality and use time wisely. I also have new books on inclusion, building compassion for other living things such as insects, mental health issues in children during the coming pandemic next year, ”Ekta adds.



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