The Santa Rosalia company celebrates its 105th anniversary on December 12


YORKVILLE – La Congrega di Santa Rosalia Vergine Palermitana, or the Santa Rosalia Society of East Utica, will hold a 105e Birthday celebration and communion breakfast on Sunday December 12 at noon at Club Monarch, 16 Erie Street.

All are invited to gather at St. Mary of Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament Church for the 10:30 am Mass celebrated by Rev. Jim Cesta. The cost of breakfast is $ 20 per person and all reservations can only be made with the accompanying payment by December 5th.

The Congrega di Santa Rosalia Vergine Palermitana was founded on August 20, 1916 in Utica. This society was reserved for men of Sicilian descent and celebrated the female protector of Palermo. The society was incorporated on November 21, 1930. In 1940, an amendment to the constitution and by-laws allowed women to become members.

The main religious activity of the organization was to venerate the patron saint of Palermo twice a year through a high mass in July and a religious holiday in September.

Today there are no membership restrictions as all who wish to honor Santa Rosalia are welcome.

The company’s goal is to move forward in preserving the chapel, which will serve as a gathering place for the organization and the surrounding community.

In the spirit of fostering community, the company seeks to honor the Patron Saint of Palermo, Santa Rosalia, through the principles of reaching out and giving back to the community through good works and charitable contributions to worthy causes. .

For more information, contact the Company at [email protected]


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