The Pope Memorial Humane Society raises funds for local pet owners

THOMASTON, Maine (WABI) – With a local animal shelter stocked with pet supplies, the owners used this weekend to raise funds and help local pet owners.

Thomaston’s Pope Memorial Humane Society says they have rooms full of dog and cat crates, as well as other pet supplies.

Some come from generous donations in the past, while others come from pet transfers from euthanasia shelters in the south.

While the shelter is currently home to over 400 animals, even they say they have too many of these crates so they know what to do with them.

So they figured they would sell them for a low price today at a garage sale outside the shelter.

So, they can trade in their pet supplies which they have too much to help fund the care their pets need.

“If you need a new car crate, dog crate, bird cage, light fixture or baby bonnet.” Either way, there’s a good chance we’ll put it on sale on Saturday. If people are out there taking your cat or dog to the vet in a cardboard carrier, maybe you’re missing out? And you can buy a really cheap, high quality dog ​​or cat carrier for $ 5, ”said Kasey Bielecki, director of the Pope Memorial Humane Society.

They added that people are encouraged to contact the shelter even after Saturday’s event to see if they have any of those crates left.

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