The majority of calls to the police are social unrest; downtown


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It has been a busy summer for the North Bay Police Department.

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In August, police received 3,299 calls and officers were referred to 1,820.

“The calls for anti-social behavior were launched in June and July,” said North Bay Police Chief Scott Tod. “The majority of calls are related to non-criminal, non-road issues and it is difficult to convince others outside of the police service that we spend a lot of time dealing with mental health and addiction issues, poverty. , homelessness and hunger. “

According to statistics released for August, police calls were divided into various categories including domestic calls which accounted for 2.6% of calls, property calls which accounted for 10.6%. , violent incidents, which accounted for 3.2%. , traffic, which was 3.5 percent, and social unrest and other calls, at 80.1 percent.

The majority of service calls came from downtown, followed by the area west of Cassells Street and West Ferris.

The Nugget asked David Woolley, the North Bay Police Department’s corporate communications officer, why some calls are answered by an officer and others are not.

“As for the difference between the calls received and the calls sent, it is not that some calls were not answered, it is that there was no police officer immediately dispatched to the scene. It would be a mixture, for example, of dialing / hanging errors of 9-1-1; some could be reports of stolen goods in the past; some could be parking infractions that would be redirected to municipal bylaw enforcement; some could be minor traffic violations, ”he said Tuesday.

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“There are also cases where banks or financial institutions require a police report number to reimburse people for the fraudulent money, but the caller cannot request a further investigation.”

Woolley said people were also calling and asking for information or advice on whether or not something was a crime and whether the police were the right person to contact.

“All would receive a response from the police, but they wouldn’t necessarily require that an officer be dispatched to the caller’s location immediately. “

Tod said the police service knows the social determinants of health – poverty, homelessness, addictions, mental health and education – certainly lead to crime.

“People should be worried. We are as a police service. Our partners in the social services agency are completely concerned.

He said this summer, the service learned a lot from partners such as the AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area, the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit and the Crisis Center North Bay.

“All of these folks who have worked with us with the Third Avenue and Jet Street Encampment, we’ve learned a lot about what we can do together when we pull in one direction and how we can help vulnerable residents in our community. , as well as those who pay taxes and support the police and services in our community.


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