The Loan Deal Isn’t Dead Just Because The Lender Did It | Advice

Dear bereaved and unprepared: I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband and now the stress you’re going through because Simon won’t keep his word. It’s reasonable to approach Simon one-on-one and just ask him to hold his end and repay the loan.

The deal may have been between him and your late husband, but that money was probably split between the two of you, like most things happen in a marriage.

If your husband were still alive, he would certainly want the money returned to him, according to their agreement, and if not to him, then to you.

If Simon can’t pay it all off at once, discuss installments on a payment schedule that works for you. Depending on the amount of money and the state you live in, you may try to pursue the matter in small claims court. If necessary, it may be worth consulting a lawyer to find out what legal remedies you have to recover the loan.

Dear Anne: I’m engaged to an amazing man and I love him very much, but I get jealous when we’re with friends and other women show up. I went home early on a few of those occasions and believed he would make good decisions in those situations, mostly because he knows I’m a jealous person.

I don’t stay up all night waiting for him because I trust him, but it seems once I get home he has more fun and doesn’t get home for four or more. , so how should that make me feel?

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