The Dark Army has one foot on the ground with Deathstroke’s Secret Society

The following contains spoilers for Shadow War: Omega #1, on sale now at DC Comics.

dark crisis is just around the corner and the Grande Noirceur is more than prepared. In Justice League #75, he used the Dark Army, a collection of DC’s vilest villains subservient to his will, to slay Earth’s greatest heroes. As they remained in the dead remains of the ancient multiverse, Black Adam escaped and warned the people of Earth of the impending threat. The remaining heroes believe the dark army is out there, waiting to strike. Unfortunately, Shadow War has just revealed that the Dark Army is already on Earth.

With the end of this crossing between Deathstroke Inc., Batman and robin came the subtle revelation that the dark army had gained a new member – and a powerful one at that. After Talia killed Slade Wilson in the last issue, her Secret Society of Villains used a Lazarus Pit to resurrect him in the final pages of Shadow War: Omega #1 (by Joshua Williamson, Steven Segovia, Mike Henderson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi and Troy Peteri). However, something went very wrong.

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The pit turned from the usual bright green to a dark, ominous muck. When Slade emerged, alive, but not fully healed. Moreover, he had changed his mind about prevention dark crisis and instead wanted nothing more than to kill everyone. This situation may be familiar to fans who have followed the various comics paving the way for dark crisis. Darkseid also wanted to prevent this latest catastrophic event, but fell victim to the Great Darkness and became an unwitting part of his Dark Army. All signs point to the same happening here, with Deathstroke being the newest addition to the group.

Although he may seem like the least powerful member of the Dark Army, he is far more valuable than most other members. Thanks to his new position as the self-proclaimed “King of Villains” and the Secret Society of Villains’ loyalty to him, the Great Dark has the entire Society at his disposal. There is no need to send the Dark Army to Earth to eradicate the remaining heroes. The Dark Army is already on Earth and ready to wage all-out war.

This puts the heroes at a disadvantage. They believe the dark army is miles away and they have plenty of time to prepare and regroup. Black Adam knows who was in the Dark Army when he fought him and told everyone, but none of them know about this latest twist. dark crisis is already on their doorstep, and they are about to suffer major casualties from an unexpected attack.

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Along with putting an unexpected twist on the upcoming event, Deathstroke and the inclusion of the Secret Society ground the force of evil. Until now, the dark army consisted of heavy hitters and literal cosmic gods. Darkseid, Doomsday, and Ares all turned out to be members. Even members of the Quintessence, including the likes of the Spectre, have been resurrected to serve the purpose of the Great Darkness. So far, the whole conflict has been cosmic. The less powerful Secret Society C-list villains are more of a street-level threat. Thanks to this, the dark army seems like a much more tangible and real threat.

All in all, this surprising twist involving Deathstroke and his Secret Society, who were all out to oppose the Great Darkness, is a great addition to dark crisis. It plays off the main villain’s manipulative ways and shows just how deep the influence of the Great Darkness runs.

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