Staffordshire Police plan to crack down on anti-social behavior this summer

Staffordshire Police want to tackle anti-social behavior

Using local knowledge and analysis of recent crime trends, patrols will be targeted to provide visible assurance and help prevent ASB and other forms of crime.

Throughout the summer months, local police teams will host community engagement events, both in-person and online, to discuss any issues and offer crime prevention tips.

Local neighborhood commanders will also retain additional powers for tactics such as the dispersal order under continued review.

Fun activities linked to the Space Summer Programme, a program funded and co-ordinated by Staffordshire Police, the Office of the Fire and Crime Commissioner, provides activities and new experiences for young people aged eight to 17 in all of Staffordshire.

The program strives to increase skills, improve health and well-being and create opportunity, while also aiming to reduce levels of anti-social behavior during the summer school holidays.

Chief Inspector Laura Morrey, Chief of Force for the ASB, said: ‘We do not underestimate the impact that anti-social behavior can have on communities, which is why combating it is a daily commitment. for us and our partners in Staffordshire.

“During school holidays, we tend to see an increase in complaints of anti-social behavior where young people are identified as responsible. We want young people to have fun this summer, but do it safely and be aware of the potential consequences of their actions or how they could affect others.

“The Space Summer Program is a great opportunity for young people to participate in enjoyable, positive activities that increase their skills and improve their health and well-being.

“Officers play a key role in helping identify locations for space sessions and reaching out and engaging with young people to encourage them to participate in some of the diversionary activities on offer. We also continue to work closely with partner agencies, including the Juvenile Delinquency Service, to provide the help and support that children and young people may need.

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire and Rescue and Crime, Ben Adams, said: ‘Space is clearly making a difference, providing memorable experiences for many while deflecting some from potential involvement in crime. low level and antisocial behavior.

“The activities provide an opportunity for Staffordshire Police and partners to engage with young people who may be going through a difficult time to help nurture, support and develop them and that is why I am am committed to keeping Space running for another 3 years.

“Activities are now available to book online and I look forward to calling in sessions to see the program in action.”

Space 2022 runs from July 25 through August 26 and features a range of activities including swim and gym passes, sport and park events, outings, and crafts.

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