Sour Lake Bike Ride, Wine Testing Helps Humane Society For Grade 10

The Sour Lake community came together on Saturday to raise money for the Humane Society with a bike ride and wine tasting.

Dozens of people took part in the 10th annual bike ride, which invited pets to join for free this year, said event coordinator Mary Carter.

“It was just perfect,” she said.

This is Carter’s fourth year coordinating the five-hour event, which started at Bruno & George Winery, located at 400 Messina and where Carter works.

“Working here, I enjoy all the events,” Carter said. “They are so much fun and you meet new people. The Humane Society takes care of animals all the time. I can’t imagine what they go through to follow the little animals there.

“It’s good community service and it makes people stand out,” she continued. “Everyone enjoyed being here all morning. We’re all hot and sweaty, but we had the best time.

Last year, the event was canceled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Carter believes the current spike in cases impacted this year’s attendance, which was about half of what they see in an average year.

“We are very happy to do this and it is only once a year,” said Shawn Bruno, owner of the winery. “When you only do it once a year, it’s still special. We’ve had as many as 175 in a good year and as few as 50, but that doesn’t matter to us. We love to organize the event.

Despite the pandemic, Carter said people came together for family fun that started with a trumpeter, who announced the start of the race with the national anthem.

“In these times that we live in now, there are so many depressed and worried people,” Carter said. “It’s a day we’re not worried, and everyone is having a good time.”

The longest trip was 31 miles, while the shortest trip was 17 miles. At least one 6 year old girl proudly completed a 7 mile hike. The route includes a stop for drinks and snacks.

“This is literally my favorite event in Beaumont,” said Natalie LaRocca, 35, resident of Beaumont. “It’s something that really interests me. It’s a great bike ride, it’s not very competitive. It is a magnificent landscape.

“It supports human society, which I love – I think it’s a great cause,” continued LaRocca. “And of course you can end with wonderful wines in a beautiful setting. It’s just a great event, and I encourage everyone to join in next year.

The Sour Lake Police Department and Sour Lake EMS volunteered time to ensure all cyclists were safe during the event. The event also included sponsorships and support from others like Kickstand, who helps people with punctures, and Valero, who provided lunch.

“They love to give back to the community,” Carter said. “They are a great help.”

While the total funds raised by the event are still being counted, Carter knows that the event raised over $ 1,000 through in-person and online registration.

She hopes to continue hosting the event, which takes place once a year in August ahead of the fall football season.

In addition to celebrating the 10th year of the event, Bruno said the winery is in its 21st year.

The winery ships throughout Texas. It also hosts parties, weddings, tastings, an annual bonfire evening and fencing tournament, as well as regular tastings throughout the year.

“We’re known everywhere for some of our berry wines – they’re some of the best in the state,” Bruno said. “Our tastings and visits are by appointment only. We find this to be a good avenue to take, all you have to do is call our number and we’ll set it up. “

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