Smashed cars and drug addicts ravage parking lot owned by Elliot Lawless

A car park belonging to Liverpool property developer Elliot Lawless has been destroyed by vandals and drug addicts.

A local man who recently used the Beetham Plaza car park sent the photographs to highlight the conditions. The worker says he saw two men in their pants down injecting drugs inside the parking lot.

The photographs showed a car that had been broken into, shards of glass on the floor and a damaged ceiling. The man, who asked not to be named, said: “I was shocked to see two guys with their trousers down injecting drugs. I spoke to a couple who were visiting Liverpool and found out they had been broken into.

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“They were told the CCTV wasn’t working. I won’t park there again.”

Mr Lawless said he was now considering introducing a manned operation in the town center car park due to recent issues of anti-social behavior including drug use.

He said: ‘We have invested heavily with our technology provider in automated systems and extensive CCTV infrastructure, but in recent weeks we have found that this is not having a sufficient deterrent effect.

“We are exploring introducing manned operation now.

“We used to operate this way and haven’t experienced the level of anti-social behavior that we’ve seen recently, but hopefully by having enhanced physical security in place, in addition to the automated systems we already have on site, this will alleviate the problems we have seen in these premises lately.

Last year, a local man sent in photographs highlighting the conditions inside the parking lot.

Some footage showed water dripping from the walls, puddles on the floor, and metal objects hanging dangerously low.

Growing concern over conditions in the Beetham Plaza car park owned by Elliot Lawless

A spokesperson for the Elliot Group said the company would begin renovations to the parking lot once the surfacing work was completed at the Beetham Plaza building.

Mr Lawless acquired a lease on the site on July 1, 2019 which stipulated that he paid rent worth £95,000 a year to the council for the rights to around 110 spaces in the underground car park.

In 2020, ECHO revealed how Mr Lawless used the name of a well-known politician when negotiating with council over the lease.

The email which was sent by Mr Lawless to a lawyer in June 2019 reads: “XXX and I want this completed no later than endgame Wednesday so a quick turnaround would be much appreciated.”

Mr Lawless, from Liverpool, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, bribery and bribery in December 2019. Mr Lawless has not been charged with any offense and has always denied any acts objectionable.

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