SKIPPER: What’s in store? Time will tell us

Although the new co-op which is about to open at the bottom of the Liner building by the sea has its benefits – such as the creation of 30 new jobs, as well as being a benefit for local residents now able to get a pint of milk with no local newsagents nearby before – hope the branch doesn’t lead to more litter or discouraging behavior on the beach.

By trash, I don’t mean your milk cartons, but primarily, and perhaps more urgently, alcohol, sandwiches, and other “to-go” foods that some people routinely choose not to take at home, thus ravaging our local beauties. .

Also, although the branch advertises its facilities for recycling soft plastics, I’m sure it will be interesting to see how many beachgoers return to use them when the need arises.

Located so close to the beach, with later closing times and probably much cheaper prices (especially with a 10% student discount) than the adjacent cafe on the beach, I’m afraid it also provides a great opportunity for cheap booze and late nights – something which I hope will not add to the levels of anti-social behavior in Falmouth which have been so high in recent months, and which will damage the reputation of our historic town .

Additionally, shorter wait times for food and ice cream for a pick-me-up at the beach may impact revenue at beach cafes, including Gylly and Castle, both locally owned.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my anguish, but I hope I’m wrong – only time will tell!

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