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New Delhi: If the critic dies, a company dies and turns into a bunch of sheep, Sharjeel Imam, a JNU student, arrested for allegedly giving inflammatory speeches at two universities during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
The observations were made in the additional sessions of Judge Amitabh Rawat during the hearing of the imam’s bail application in the case.
Lawyer Tanvir Ahmed Mir, representing the imam, said there was nothing in his speech that “directly or indirectly calls for violence”; he was just exchanging his thoughts with the students. “What a society will be a society if it is not robust or what does not respond. It will be a bunch of sheep, ”he said.
Mir said the right to protest and cripple the country is at no time fundamentally equal to sedition. “What the speech expresses is – blocking the roads, making chakka jam and roko andolan rail so people can’t cross … I was amazed to see the investigator calling him fanatic simply because he seems to be critical of the Constitution of India … ”
The lawyer added: “We are proud of our unity, not of the majority. Critical elements in our society are also necessary because in a society where criticism will die, society will die. That is why, in the end, the flag for upholding the Constitution in a democracy rests safely in the hands of your honor.
He said the Imam was not a member of any banned organization or terrorist gang, but only a student. “The speech did not call for violence. He just called for a roadblock. He did not say that the North East had to become a different state and declare its independence. It would have been seditious, ”he said.
Mir argued that the Imam could not be “hammered with sedition” and in itself a protest against the National Register of Citizens, the CAA could not be called seditious by any stretch of the imagination in a democracy we had in India.
“Everyone has the fundamental freedom to subject any part of the Constitution to criticism or to support it. The brave men of this country will not be slapped with sedition. It is our solemn duty. Sharjeel Imam’s point of view is not hostile, ”he argued.
Mir further said everyone has the right to subject constitutionality to criticism or support. “We cannot be sheep following a dictate,” he stressed.

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