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In this episode of Democracy sausage, Mark Kenny and Marija Taflaga discuss the week that was devoted to federal politics, before Glyn Davis and Liz Allen joined the show to discuss the Australian myth of “fair go” and breaking cycles of disadvantage.

Will Scott Morrison be able to connect with voters despite claims he is untrustworthy like John Howard once did? Or will the Prime Minister’s claims that his government is managing the economy well fall flat? And do Australia’s welfare and tax systems need a major overhaul to ensure Australia doesn’t keep people stuck in cycles of disadvantage? Professor Glyn Davis, President and CEO of the Paul Ramsay Foundation and co-host of The lottery of life, and Dr Liz Allen, demographer at Australian National University (ANU), join Professor Mark Kenny and Dr Marija Taflaga on this Democracy sausage. Listen here:

Glyn Davis is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, Chairman of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government Research Committee, CEO of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, and co-host of The lottery of life.

Liz Allen is a demographer and social science researcher with quantitative and qualitative expertise at ANU, and author of The future of us: demographics get a makeover.

Marija Taflaga is Director of the ANU Center for the Study of Australian Politics and a lecturer at the ANU School of Politics and International Relations.

Marc Kenny is a professor at the ANU Australian Studies Institute. He came to the university after a high profile journalistic career, including six years as chief political correspondent and editor of national affairs for The Sydney Morning Herald, Age, and Canberra weather.

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This podcast is produced in partnership with the Australian National University.


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