Rustomjee Azziano committee members from Thane are harassing dog feeders in their society, NGO alleges

Even though the Supreme Court on Thursday, May 19, 2022 paved the way for dog feeders by lifting its stay order in a 2021 Delhi High Court judgment that said stray dogs have a right to food, citizens also having the right to feed them, but the committee members and other residents of Rustomjee Azziano Phase 2 do not comply with the Supreme Court order and they harass the dog feeder who is an elderly person in the society, alleged Pari Mehta, chairman of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Ummeed Foundation of Majiwada in Thane.

After Mahesh Kamat and other animal feeders were threatened by some members of Rustomjee Azziano, the debate over the feeding of stray dogs in societies, which has been a long-standing issue, has once again surfaced. While animal lovers and feeders cite unfair treatment, society members point out that stray animals often become aggressive.

According to reports, the issue of feeding strays has always been a contentious one in Thane district, which has long been divided among locals.

Mistreatment of dog feeders in the company’s alleged dog feeder

Shocked by the reaction of the society and the committee members, senior Mahesh Kamat who resides in the same society says the incident was a horrible experience. Mahesh Kamat said that when I was feeding the society dogs, I received a notice that I will be charged Rs 5000 as a penalty and other members who feed the dogs will be charged the same amount. They said we couldn’t take care of the community dogs. They also arrested a person named Ramakant who was specially assigned by Kamat and some dog lovers to feed the dogs in the community in a timely manner. Kamat wondered if it was okay to flout the Supreme Court order.

Members of the Rustomjee Azziano Society violating Article 21 of the Constitution of India

Pari Mehta, Chairman of the Ummeed Foundation, an NGO which deals with various activities including animal rights, said: “I have written a letter to the Deputy District Registrar of the Co-operative Housing Society and to Chief Inspector of Police of Rabodi Police Station regarding the harassment of the elderly Mahesh Kamat from the society members for feeding the dogs inside the society Mr.Kamat complained to me on May 5, 2022 that they are being harassed, abused and cornered by their society and committee members for feeding the dogs in their community.The society has also banned all feeders and posted a notice that they would be fined Rs 5,000 per meal and will also post the names of the feeders on social media.According to the Animals Act, it is a crime to stop feeding animals in the community and to harass the feeders of the complex.

Pari Mehta, president of the NGO Ummeed Foundation speaking to the FPJ correspondent, said: “After receiving the complaint from Mahesh Kamat, we tried to organize a meeting with the police station of Rabodi and the members company to solve the problems. We filed a complaint with the Chief Police Inspector of Rabodi Police Station, Santosh Ghatekar, who assured us that a joint meeting will be held on 8th May 2022 and the whole matter will be cut short, but at the meeting, we saw aggression, shouting, abuse of language and threats from people in the company. Mahesh Kamat and other animal feeders. In a public forum some members said they will kill all dogs, other members said they will kick all dogs out of society and one member said they will show what they have to To do. all the life feeders speechless and one member said take all the dogs home and love them however you want. It was so bad and shameful to see such a toxic spirit people are in such a fancy resort. The members of the society continued to shout in front of the senior police inspector of the Rabodi police station and his team and me in a public forum which is not tolerable.”

Not against dogs and dog feeders, but no resident should be harmed by the animal

“Residents are not against feeding dogs and are just as compassionate towards these animals. However, the area of ​​concern is the insistence of a few to feed them in the gated parking lot. There have been ongoing cases of dogs becoming aggressive, chasing and attacking people, including the elderly and children. Who will take responsibility if something untoward happens to them? There are cases when dogs attack residents on two wheels and cause accidents. Additionally, feeding dogs in parking lots leads to unsanitary conditions. Our only request is to move the feeding area outside the premises within a specified time. I hope they understand that,” says Amit Arabatti, a resident of the society.

“The MC of Rustomjee Azziano EK CHSL has always been accommodating to animal welfare residents and their needs. Refueling areas had been allocated in parking levels P1-P4 to facilitate them. However, this leads to serious safety and health issues for all residents. The activity has been outsourced to an outsider who is not at all sensitive to the needs of society and has often been found to carelessly place food in areas other than those designated. In addition, at any time of the day and especially at night, these dogs attack residents in parking levels. The MC has received several formal complaints and repeatedly called on dog feeders to be more accountable for their actions. Easy access to food and water in car parks is detrimental to the well-being of dogs as they do not seek to venture out of these areas and continue to live in dark areas. They become violent and aggressive and most residents are afraid to venture into parking levels. This is a request for dog feeders to work closely with the MC and come up with a solution and move the feeding area away from parking levels and other areas within the premises . They are also asked to do the task themselves and not outsource it to maintain discipline. It is in the best interest to live and exist in mutual respect and harmony,” says Indranil Choudhury, company secretary.

According to Saurabh Priyadarshi Singh, representative of MC and resident of Rustomjee Azziano, the management committee had launched a pet policy on September 22, 2021. In which MC had allowed the feeding of stray animals keeping a very kind outlook and indulgent and in a spirit of coexistence.

Recently, in view of multiple complaints and a few life-threatening attacks by stray dogs (over 100 complaints documented) in all parking levels, it is very evident that the situation has escalated and stray dogs during various incidents have proven to be a threat to residents. safety and life. Learning of the problem, the management committee called the Animal Lovers group and the aggrieved residents to find a middle ground, discuss and find a solution. After listening to both parties, and based on actual written incidents of death threats and photographs of litter, the management committee decided to make the safety and health of residents a top priority. Since the parking lot and the levels are part of the amenities and are frequented by the 1483 families of the company and usually crowded, which includes children, children, women, the elderly, professionals working at all hours of the day or night by taking cues from the Animal Welfare Board of India guidelines which say, “Caregivers are advised not to feed street dogs near residences that are not their own. They are also advised to avoid feeding street dogs immediately adjacent to areas where children are playing, or people are walking, or which are otherwise crowded. Additionally, feeding should not be done in a way that contributes to littering or soiling any feeding site. Caregivers are advised to clean feeding sites after the meal is finished.

On April 21, 2022, the Management Committee introduced the Amended Pet Policy in which the feeding areas allocated to parking levels P1-P4 (crowded and frequently used amenities for walking/parking) were canceled and the committee banned feeding in parking areas, including hiring outside people to feed inside. local.

The management committee is not against feeding stray dogs or animals, but the same cannot be allowed in car parks or any areas of society defined as amenities where residents, children, people elderly and women are very common.

“I, as a lady and president of the company, am very sensitive to the issue of dog food. My team has never been and will never be against dog food. Since we receive multiple complaints from our fellow citizens of children, pregnant women, elderly parents being attacked and chased by dogs in the parking lot, we also had to take notice of these complaints. Our humble request is only to move the feeding area out of the car parks. We have made many amicable attempts to resolve this issue internally,” says Gayetri Khedekar, President of Rustomjee Azziano CHSL.

“I was coming back from the office late at night around 11 p.m. on my 2 wheeler and I was surrounded by 3 ferociously howling dogs. A few days later, I had to admit a member of my family to the hospital in the emergency in the early hours of the day around 5 a.m. I had to wait 15 minutes to get to my car because there were dogs at the entrance to the wing Now who takes responsibility for the human lives that are at stake? said Prasanna Abhyankar, another resident.

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Posted: Monday, May 23, 2022, 3:41 PM IST

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