Resident ‘delighted’ after nightmarish neighbor clears away and she can finally sleep at night

A resident who lived on the same street as a nightmarish neighbor said she could finally sleep at night now that they had been kicked out.

Last week, a tenant was forced out of her home in Boswell Street, central Middlesbrough, after the house closed for the second time. Between April 4 and April 27, a court heard there were 59 reports of drug dealing and antisocial behavior linked to the address.

Neighbors on the street complained of queues of people waiting for drugs, foul language, street fights and loud music at late night parties. A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, previously said she felt like a prisoner in her own home.

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When asked how she felt now that the tenant had been moved, she said: ‘I was delighted she was moved, although I would have preferred to see her named and shamed because she was really a nightmare to live on the street. “However, she added that she expected the neighbor to go and repeat the same behavior elsewhere.

The tenant, who had already moved out in December but returned once the closing order was lifted, has previously threatened to ‘f**king terrorize’ anyone who mentions her and at one point refused to leave the property. However, being granted a closure order left him with no choice but to pack his bags and move on.

The landlord has also applied for a possession order which allows them to terminate the tenancy, which means she cannot return. The resident said the street has returned to a more peaceful state since she left.

She added: “The street is now completely calm, 24 hours after it was moved away, there were no more homeless people or drug addicts coming to buy on the street and we can now have family visits. It’s also nice not having to worry about leaving the house and being able to sleep at night.

“I was happy that the council’s anti-social team and the mayor helped out.”

However, she criticized local councilors saying there had been a lack of communication from them and she had not seen them on the street.

In response, Central Ward Labor councilors Matt Storey, Zafar Uddin and Linda Lewis issued the following statement: “We have been contacted by a particular resident about this property as being an issue. We worked with the police, anti-social teams and community safety officers for some time to get action taken and we kept the affected resident informed throughout the process.

“We are happy that the local populations no longer have to worry about this scourge for their community. We are regularly on the move in service and are always available for residents to contact us by phone, email or Facebook @centralmatters whenever they need us.

Mayor Andy Preston and Cleveland police both welcomed the home’s closure. Mr Preston said: ‘I am really delighted this step has been taken and I hope the good people of Boswell Street can get back to normal life without having to live on constant nerves because of what was going on in this home.

“I would like to commend the council staff, police and neighbors who have all helped settle this second order. It’s infuriating that the wife was able to move in again, but hopefully this latest order means everything is settled for good.

Chief Inspector Darren Birkett of the Middlesbrough Borough Police Team, said anyone suffering from anti-social behavior or crime should contact the force on 101. He added: ‘We will always seek to act as far as possible. of the possible where people make the lives of others a misery. At this address, we have twice obtained closure orders and would like to thank the local community for their help and support in providing information.”


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