Public toilets on the Isle of Wight are at risk of being closed

A PUBLIC toilet block in Ryde could be closed after problems with anti-social behavior and risks of legionella.

The public toilets at the top of St John’s Hill are at risk of closure due to their position outside the town.

At a meeting of Ryde Town Council on Monday, councilors agreed to search for new public toilets located in the center of the town and to consult on the closure of those in St John’s Hill.

City Council Clerk Lisa Dyer said one of the reasons council considered closing the toilets was because of continuously high legionella readings, which meant they had to be closed.

The council understood that this was happening due to the lack of water in the system, which led them to believe that they were not being used very well.

Ms Dyer said they received constant reports of anti-social behavior, with toilets blocked with needles, and people not wanting to enter.

The theory was, she says, that if the toilets were closer to town, they would be more visible and easier to manage.

The council’s facilities and assets sub-committee had agreed to close the toilets, once plans and costs had been established to provide a more central and modern toilet.

Concerns raised by advisers, however, led to a change in decision.

Ward Councilor Karen Lucioni said she had never complained about the toilets and Cllr Les Kirkby said they were used very regularly by elderly people returning home from shops to Haylands.

It was agreed that the matter would again be discussed at the facilities and assets sub-committee, with an option to keep the toilets open while providing new public toilets in the town centre.

Ryde City Council will undertake the cleaning of all its public toilets from October 1 after receiving constant complaints that the cleaning was “substandard”.

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