Police assaulted while dealing with park thugs


An LEDBURY police officer confirmed that a colleague was pushed to the ground and injured while responding to an incident at Recreation Ground.

Ledbury Town Clerk Angela Price said she had met with police and fire officials on Wednesday to discuss the anti-social behavior underway in the town.

Local CP Sarah Ransome-Williams attended the meeting. Ms Price said: “She confirmed that a police officer was thrown to the ground and there were injuries.”

This seems to confirm a previous report by Councilor Tony Bradford, who spoke to this newspaper two weeks ago. He said: “This weekend I heard about other fires and an attacked police officer.”

However, contacted days later, a spokesperson for West Mercia Police said they had no record of such an assault.

Police have now been asked to recheck their records. No response has yet been received.

However, a spokesperson for the city’s firefighting team has previously confirmed that firefighters were mistreated in responding to arson.

Watch Commander Rich Cooper said, “There have been about 25 calls for this type of fire this year,” he said.

“It usually involves burning wood in garbage cans or shopping carts.

“The people who started these fires also abused our team when they came to put out the fire and that’s something they shouldn’t have to face.”

Following this report, the police promised to act against the alleged perpetrators.

Safer Neighborhood Inspector James Ashton said: “We are aware of the community’s concerns about anti-social behavior in the area.

“I want to reassure local residents that we are aware of these issues and are taking positive action against those involved.”

The most recent report of antisocial behavior in the city involved eggs thrown into homes over the weekend.

“Some residents are vulnerable and are frightened by objects thrown on their property. #vulnerability, ”police said in a statement on Twitter Monday.

Police are now discouraging Ledbury stores from selling eggs and flour to under-18s during Halloween.

Ms Price said work with police and firefighters to resolve the issues will continue.

She said, “Or CCTV at Recreation Ground is working and is fully operational. We have already handed over images to the police.

She added that the long-standing debate over the park shelter’s position had also been raised. “Police and firefighters are suggesting we move him. I think we’ll have to call a special meeting to discuss it. ”


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