Plan of apartments with balconies for St Peter’s Road Great Yarmouth

An offer for apartments with balconies in a compact urban area is strongly contested by neighbors.

Developers want to demolish a house that is in “poor repair” and replace it with a four-story apartment building with balconies in St Peter’s Road, Great Yarmouth.

Residents have objected, saying the cramped urban area is already plagued by noise, anti-social behavior and parking issues – and the addition of apartments will make matters worse.

One resident said the process of building in such a built space where everyone was on top of each other would be “living hell”.

Another, commenting on the borough council planning portal, said the people living around Lancaster Road / St Peter’s Road were “all decent people who just wanted a normal life,” adding: “There is never peace ”.

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She went on to say that anti-social behavior was not addressed and that there was “garbage everywhere”.

According to plans, the Burton’s Buildings site, which has alley access, will be demolished and replaced with four one-bedroom apartments, some with balconies.

Giedre Andrus, of Optimum Rent, who submitted the offer, moved to reassure residents that the demolition process would not be noisy and would be carried out with sensitivity.

She also said the balconies would not be large enough for the chairs and tables.

The board’s development control committee meets Wednesday, October 13 at 6 p.m. to discuss the plan.

Officers recommend approval saying the building is similar in size to the old one and residents will not be significantly affected.

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