Orange ordinance: Scottish police arrest 14 people after ‘hateful’ behavior during marches


POLICE arrested 14 people during the Orange Order marches that took to the streets of Scotland’s largest city over the weekend.

Now Greater Glasgow Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland has revealed that 14 arrests were made during the Orange Order marches, including for “cult-related peace violations”.

He also revealed that Scottish police are investigating videos circulating online which appear to show “hate chants” during the marches.

A video would show the song Famine being played, which is openly sectarian and calls on people of Irish descent to “go home”.

Sutherland said: “Officers in Glasgow made a total of 14 arrests during the Orange Order processions on Saturday September 18th. The offenses mainly concerned public disturbances and acts of anti-social behavior, but also included a violation of sectarian order.

“There were outbreaks of racist and sectarian chanting by some of those who attended the processions, it is completely unacceptable and we completely condemn this behavior.

“We are aware of videos circulating that show some of these hate chants and we are already investigating a number of them.

“Our main priority throughout the event was to maintain public safety and ensure minimum disruption to the general public.”


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