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Boogie Shoes Party

The young Apollo sent his greetings to his guests, inviting them to rush to his 2022 ball, the 93rd, at the New Orleans Theater in the New Orleans Convention Center for a carnival version of “Saturday Night Fever”. Reigning was Miss Lucile McGlinchey Monsteddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Niels Monsted IV. In the summer of 2021, that year’s court was honored at a ball hailed as Queen, Miss Tatum Lady Reissdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Reiss III.

Her Majesty Lucile’s maids, the royalty of 2022, were Misses Cameron Sinclair Andrewsdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Michael Andrews; Patricia Randle Aucoindaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Henry Aucoin Jr.; Eleanor Katherine Cowandaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Cowan; Ashley Conner Ellis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Conner Ellis III; Susan Sledge Ellisdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cothran Ellis; Eliza Brandon Favrot, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Semmes Favrot; and Sarah Crusel Henri, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edmund Ruffin Henry. Misses Cowan and Henry are the daughters of former queens respectively Nanine Simmons of Aquin in 1989, and Miriam Crusel Wogan in 1988.

Also as 2022 the maids were Misses Lilian Lair Hooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andre Von Kurnatowski Hooper; in absentia, Elisabeth Corinne Lapeyre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Etienne Cassard Lapeyre; Caroline Grace Le Bourgeoisdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claiborne LeBourgeois Jr.; Caroline Staples Picou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Louis Picou; Brooke Coleman Reiss, daughter of Mr and Mrs Reiss above (and Queen’s sister 2021); Elizabeth McLundie Bolton Schmidtdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Justin Burton Schmidt (and sister of the 2020 returning queen, Miss Marguerite Conery Schmidt); and Charlotte Sydney Wirthdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Roy Wirth.

Six pages complete the court: Misses Vivienne Louise Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Francis Grace III; Molly McDermott Gregory, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Michael Gregory; and Anne Simmons Meyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malcom David Meyer; and Masters Paul Andrew Hogan Jr.son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Andrew Hogan – like Louise Ferrier Andry WalsheMs. Hogan was the 1993 queen; John Henican Loerzelson of Mr. and Mrs. Jason William Loerzel; and, in absentia, Ryland Poynter Schwingson of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holmes Schwing.

Queen Apollo 2018, Miss Catherine Grace Walshe, the newbie girl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quirk Walshe Jr.introduced co-debutants Misses Nanine Brent Cowan, Stirling Anne Kennedy, Julia Keller Nelson, Adele Vance Reynoir and Lady Wilder Reynolds, who were former servants of Apollo. MM. Pierre Hillyer Dupuy, GraceGordon Hardin Kolb Jr., Lawrence Noel Johnson Jr., and Monsted formed the prom committee.

Particularly noted applauding the Queen, who wore a gold and silver beaded ‘disco’ dress in a leaf-like pattern with a gold lamé underdress, were Mrs. Monsted, Harry McClellan Moffett IV, Anne Wing Monsted and Calvin C. Fayard. Also the royal grandmothers Mrs. Dermot S. McGlinchey and Charles Niels Monsted III. Others seated prominently were Mrs. Joseph Storey-Charbonnet, Johnson, Robert Penn McCay, John Jay Charpentier, Michael Patrick Cook, Michael Quirk Walshe Jr.Charles Frederick Seemann III, Benjamin Arnold Dupuy and Minor Pipes Blanc Jahncke.

The king caught the eye of the “SNF”, sporting a three-piece white suit with rhinestone-embellished notch lapels, flared trousers and a matching waistcoat; the maids, dressed in “hologram shattered glass” jersey dresses; the daughter pages, in “Abba” style jumpsuits; and the boy pages, in flared white pants, black boots, multicolored “disco” shirts and sunglasses. Kathleen Van Horn of KVH Designs created the themed costumes.

After-prom activity at the Queen’s Supper included shaking the ‘Boogie Shoes’ to the sound of Category 6, while others enjoyed ‘Jive Talkin” and delicious chomps. The table decorations reflected the “SNF” theme of the 1970s prom.

Of course, parental pride was constantly in the spotlight. “To look at Lucy (Queen Lucile) stepping on the floor and hearing the massive roar of the crowd…was a moment I will never forget,” her father said of Apollo’s royal recognition.

Victory Ball

The Louisiana State War of 1812 Society presented its Victory Ball of 1812 (for 2022) at the Metairie Country Club. Treatment in ladies on the music of the jimmy maxwell The orchestra was Miss Catherine Carlisle Martindaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Loftin Martinescorted by her grandfather Dr. Paul Mire Melançon Jr.and representing New Orleans; Masey Nicole Villere (Louisiana), daughter of Mr. Marc Charles Villere and Mrs. Melinda Mutinaand escorted by her grandfather Mr. Roger Villere Jr.; Isabelle Marie Elias (Delaware), daughter of Mr. Richard Alan Elias and Mrs. Kerri Lynn Eliasand escorted by a compatriot from the company Henry Rouquette Jr.; and Lorraine Vivian Drez (Pennsylvania), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Joseph Drezand escorted by his grandfather Ronald Drez Sr.

Also, Miss Anna Belle Hayes (Georgia), daughter of Maj. Bradley T. Hayeshis escort and Mrs. Sarah C. Hayes; Abigail Noelie Jones (New Jersey), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin E. Jones Jr.and escorted by his grandfather Alvin E. Jones Sr.; Mackenzie Kate Vonderbrügge (Connecticut), daughter of Mr. Joseph Bryan Vonderbrugge and Mrs. Nicole Renee Bezou Vonderbrüggeand escorted by his grandfather John Edward Bezou Sr.; and Gabrielle Therese Sanders (Massachusetts), daughter of Mr. Michael Dwayne Sanders and Mrs. Remy Therese Bezou Sanders, and escorted by her uncle LTC. John Edward Bezou Jr., retired from the US Army.

Notables included company president Brig. Gen. John B. Dunlap III, who, with his spouse Julieportrays the General and Mrs. Andrew Jackson; Mark and Melissa Bickham, as Governor and Mrs. William CC Claiborne; and past president of the society and president of the victory ball Shannon R. Walgamotteas Mayor Nicholas Girod, and his wife, Lynda Moreau, prom matron, who sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Additionally, as master of ceremonies, retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Rodney Painting, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Navarre, Dr. and Mrs. Tim G. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poindexter, Mr. and Mrs. Russ Copping, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Childress, Mr. and Mrs. Henri P. Roquette Jr.and former national president of the society Thomas E. Jacks and Mrs. Jacks.

The ball was dedicated to the recently deceased former president Edward Overton Cailleteau, “who gave so much of his time to the society”. His wife, Virginie Cailleteauwas greeted with applause at the ball.

Magnificent seasonal decorations have embellished the Metairie Country Club, as have the arrangements of the Villere florist. All were admired as guests sat down to the palate’s delights of grits and grills, crispy bacon and pastries. Then, invited by the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, the scores headed to the dance floor, perhaps to shake some “Boogie Shoes.”

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