Music from the heart of the Choral Society resonates with a silent audience


The Palmerston North Choral Society presents a range of performances across the city.


The Palmerston North Choral Society presents a range of performances across the city.

Palmerston North Choral Society, Pá¿¡oro o te Ngá¾±kau – Music from the heart, St Peter’s Church, Palmerston North, Saturday.

SEE AGAIN: In their 150th anniversary concert, the Palmerston North Choral Society took a new direction in its programming.

Adopt a bicultural collaboration with Warren and Virginia Warbrick, who play the role of You Warbrick, the concert interwoven various strands of local moments in history, presented from different angles.

The program was accessible, with songs appealing to a large audience and lyrics that resonated as they told bits and pieces of “our” story – the thread that unites the works.

Rather than applauding after each song, the audience sat in silence until the end of the concert. Allowing the performance to run uninterrupted created impact and increased the meaning of “the story.”

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With most of the music featured being local as well, composers Graham Parsons, Manaaki Tibble and Helen Caskie (who died earlier this year) were prominent.

It was a performance where a lot of thought, planning and preparation was evident.

From the opening call, the chants with their quarter tones and descending phrases, the evocative sounds of taonga pá¿¡oro, the strength of the solo voices, to the depth of the harmonies added by the choir, it was a courageous presentation. and efficient, creating an exciting performance synergy.

The choir was well rehearsed and played with pleasure, but it was the soloists who stole the day with imposing performances.

You Warbrick are adept at engaging the listener and creating atmosphere, while baritone Lindsay Yeo brought out the humor and emotion of the lyrics through an eyebrow, smile or small gesture.

It was truly a concert that concerned us and came from the heart – well done.


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