Mosaic Launches Lowest Solar Loan Price Yet to Accelerate Clean Energy Accessibility | News

OAKLAND, CA., February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mosaic, a leading financing platform for solar and energy-efficient home renovations in the United States, today announced that it has reduced prices on its entire line of solar loan products. This benefits homeowners, installers and the industry as a whole by providing immediate access to some of the most attractive solar financing options on the market.

“The urgency around climate change and its impact on our communities continues to escalate, and we need to make it as easy and affordable as possible for even more families to switch to solar power this year,” said Billy Parish, founder and CEO of Mosaic. “We’ve been providing residential solar financing options longer than anyone, giving us more data with which to underwrite and price our loans. We’ve established ourselves as a cost-of-funds leader through our disciplined approach and our consistent performance, and we pass the benefit of this advantage on to our customers.”

Mosaic has issued more solar loan securitizations than any other solar issuer in the space. Between 2017 and 2021, the company issued 11 securitization of solar creditstotaling $2.9 billion securities offered. The company also repeatedly sets records for low cost of funds on bonds.

“By combining competitive pricing with MosaicScore, our proprietary credit score for solar loans, we believe we are able to offer our partners the best combination of pricing and homeowner approval coverage available anywhere in the market. said Parish.

A pioneer in solar and clean energy, Mosaic has helped over 200,000 homeowners transition to sustainable home solutions to date.

About Mosaic

Mosaic makes financing for solar energy storage systems, solar plus, and other sustainable home improvements accessible and affordable for homeowners by providing a quick and easy way to apply for financing options. Customers learn about Mosaic through licensed solar installers and home improvement contractors, as well as other ecosystem partners, and can get a credit decision in minutes for no-downpayment loans with premium rates. fixed interest and multiple term options. Funding requested and processed through the Mosaic platform is from Solar Mosaic LLC or one of its lending/funding partners. For our network of thousands of solar installers and home improvement contractors, Mosaic provides a streamlined financing platform to drive sales growth. Since 2012, Mosaic has helped more than 200,000 households transition to sustainable home improvements through its financing products.

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