Middlesbrough men scattered at famous Richmond Falls and hundreds of cans seized

Police seized hundreds of bottles and cans at a notorious beauty spot in North Yorkshire following anti-social behavior yesterday.

Richmond Falls was busy with people yesterday when temperatures hit record highs.

He is also known for his anti-social behavior after mass gatherings took place at the falls during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Richmond District Council reminded visitors that a Protecting Public Spaces Order was in place aimed at reducing anti-social behavior and littering at the popular beauty spot.

More than 200 bottles of beer, cider, vodka and other spirits, along with three large canisters of nitrous oxide, used to get high, were seized at the site as warnings went unheeded .

POLICE” alt=”The Echo of the North: Photo: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE” class=”editor-image”/>Photo: NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE

Officers from North Yorkshire Police also dispersed five Middlesbrough men who ‘couldn’t behave’.

A County Durham youth has also been arrested on suspicion of assault after a fight broke out.

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18 traffic offenses were also given to people traveling to and from the area, including for not wearing a seatbelt and for causing an obstruction when parking.

Officers also extinguished seven barbecue grills, which were very dangerous in hot weather.


Richmond Inspector Martin Metcalfe said people were welcome at the falls, but “as long as they don’t do selfish and illegal things”.

He went on to claim that residents don’t want their “beauty spots used as an Ibiza nightclub and we’re doing something about it”.

Mr Metcalfe added: “As temperatures soared well into the 30s yesterday and hundreds of people gathered in Richmond Falls, my team and I took action to prevent crime and anti-social behavior as well as all waste and the damage it leaves behind.


“We simply will not tolerate anti-social behavior, which is often committed by large groups who come from other areas and behave with no respect for the community they are visiting.”

A spokesman for Richmondshire District Council said that despite best efforts, enjoyment of the beauty spot for the majority is “marred” by an “inconsiderate minority who engage in anti-social behaviour“.

They added: “We are monitoring the situation closely and monitoring our interventions, but we simply cannot be present in the area all the time.

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“It is very frustrating for local residents and considerate visitors and we will continue our efforts to keep the area safe, litter free and to make it clear that we are all determined to prevent the Order from being ignored.”


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