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Elwood National Honor Society Press Release

ELWOOD – Friday, November 19th was an incredibly warm and cheerful day, a perfect day for a walk. The National Honors Society took advantage of the situation and hosted their fall fundraiser. The group decided that the best use of their time would be to help the Community Redevelopment Authority in its efforts to raise funds for the construction of a Veterans Memorial in Elwood Nebraska. The memorial is still in the planning phase, but will be placed in front of the senior center for all to enjoy while they drive.

Lauren Hickey and Brooke Brockman, members of the Senior National Honor Society, have worked hard to prepare a “walk-thon” in which the elementary school could participate. Hickey said, “We planned a fun event for the kids to exercise. and learn vacation facts. During the month of October, Hickey and NHS godfather Sandy Dean visited elementary school students to watch a video and learn more about veterans and their importance. The students were then invited to collect as many donations as possible for the prizes offered by the American Legion and the Booster Club.

Students delivered more than expected, bringing in a total of $ 4,000. Landon Hieter, a sixth grader who raised over $ 500, said he did it because “I felt bad that all these people gave their lives for us so I decided why not go to every house? Hieter wasn’t the only student who thought so, and their efforts paid off. If a student raised $ 25 they won a candy bar and if they collected $ 50 they won an American Legion candy bar and soft drink. As an added objective, the Booster Club offered a pizza night for the whole class who won the most.

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