McDonald’s branch in Coseley can open 24/7 after trial

McDonald’s in Coseley

Dudley Council planners have backed the decision to fully open the Birmingham New Road store in Coseley after an hours trial ended.

The fast food chain had been on trial hours since April last year but can now fully open after the hours were made permanent on Monday.

It comes despite residents’ claims that the branch is a “magnet for anti-social behavior” amid other criticism of the chain’s litter and odor.

A resident wrote to council complaining: ‘My objection to this is that it is a meeting place for boy runners. They have fun honking their horns at each other and seeing who has the loudest exhaust pipe. Very late at night, the car park becomes the grandstand to watch the races on the 4 lanes.

Another wrote: “It’s still a magnet for anti-social behavior because it attracts children as a gathering point. On Sunday March 20, a McDonald’s delivery man had food stolen by feral children who have been terrorizing the area for some time. Neighbors had broken windows or damaged cars.

Councilor Peter Drake of Coseley East also offered his strong opposition. He said: “Trash left behind by McDonald’s customers on surrounding streets has always been a problem. The advent of all-night opening hours has allowed it to spread further and they drop more trash and food than before.

‘I was on Ivyhouse Lane earlier this month (March 2022) with a resident,’ he continued, ‘when the wind blew our way from McDonald’s, with a strong aroma of oils, crisps and fast food. As I told the resident it was like being on the seafront in Blackpool.

Councilor Drake also mentioned a car belonging to a local resident that had been covered in ketchup and McDonald’s food overnight.

24/7 operation at Coseley McDonald’s had been on trial since April 2021 as part of a previous scheduling requirement. Dudley Council approved the decision to make overnight hours permanent at last night’s planning committee.

Dudley’s planning committee vice-chairman, Cllr Andrea Goddard, said only one disruption had come to the council’s attention and that refusing McDonald’s that request “didn’t seem logical”.

However, McDonald’s will have to comply with certain requirements under the approval. Lights should be dimmed during nighttime opening hours to avoid unnecessary light pollution, and the restaurant should not exceed background noise levels in the area between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

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