Macauley Bonne on his Ipswich Town loan and any QPR return


19:15 20 November 2021

19:26 20 November 2021

Macauley Bonne has said unequivocally that he does not want to be reminded of his dream loan to Ipswich Town in January.

The forward, who grew up as an Ipswich fan, is on loan from QPR for the season and has already scored 11 goals in a superb start to life in a blue jersey.

QPR has the option of calling him back in January, during a small window, but Bonne is clear that he wants to stay with the Blues at least until the end of the season and possibly beyond.

“At the moment I can’t really say much, but I’ll say it clearly – I don’t want them to call me back,” said the forward. “I don’t want to go back and be the third or fourth pick, coming in for a few minutes when I thrive here.

Macauley Bonne with a bad header on goal at Sunderland
– Credit: Pagepix Ltd

“I found my goal track, I found my half-meter. I was sitting on the bench gaining weight eating Jaffa cakes (at QPR) and I can’t do that.

“So I got my sharpness back, I’m on a role and if they take a break from it, I’ll be angry.”

“I’m not the one punching or kicking QPR, it’s just me being honest. I am a footballer and I am happy here.

When asked if he would sign for Town permanently, if the offer came in January, he replied, “This is something I need to discuss with QPR.

“Who wouldn’t want to play for their childhood club? I’m doing it now and if the offer comes in there are some serious conversations to be had.

“But I’m a city boy, a city fan. If I hadn’t signed up permanently, I would be outside watching them.

“I’m happy here and it’s something we need to talk about in January.”

Ipswich Town signed a one-season QPR loan with Macauley Bonne.  Photo: ITFC

Bonne is loaned throughout the season by QPR
– Credit: ITFC

When asked if he forgot that he was actually only on loan at Ipswich, he replied, “I’ll be honest with you, I do.

“Last night I watched the QPR game and they won 2-0 (against Luton) and I was buzzing for them. They played really well. But I feel happy here.

“I walk past the stadium and there is now a large photo of me on the stadium (at the back of the north stand). I’ve wanted it since I was eight and I have it.

“I check these things off and there are other things I want to check off. Large. They could come, we’ll see. I want to be promoted with Ipswich this season.

He continued: “I could have been loaned to a number of clubs, some in the league, but it felt right to me.

“The day I signed I said it would give me an extra 10 or 15 percent in my game and it gives me the extra sharpness because I want to do it for the club. I saw where the game was. club and want to help him get back there.

Queens Park Rangers manager Mark Warburton (left) on the pitch with Macauley Bonne (right) after the

Bonne, pictured with QPR Director Mark Warburton
– Credit: PA

“I can’t wait to be here. I’m not in a good mood today after losing 2-0, but I’m heading home (showing the badge on his chest) as a Town player. Which makes me happy.”

Bonne has 11 for the season so far but, with 28 games remaining, he’s aiming for many, many more, with supreme confidence that he will reach his next goal.

“Yeah, but I want more,” Bonne said of her goal tally. “I’m hungry. I’m hungry for more goals.

“I’m critical of myself and could have scored more, but I would take 11 goals at this point – I think a lot of the league players would.

“The games come fast and fast and I really want to add to my tally. We have so many players with so much talent and I am waiting to feed on them.

When told he had played three scoreless games, Bonne quickly replied, “Two in the league. Next game, I score.

“I’m over 20, I’m so confident. I am happy to play football here.

“I’ll get there and that’s my state of mind. It’s a target. But also, I want to be promoted, so if I have 19 and we are promoted, I would be happy.

Bonne was speaking after Town’s 2-0 loss to Sunderland, which saw the Blues concede twice in the playoffs of a game they had chances to win.

“I think I messed it up because after I left I just said to Cameron Burgess ‘we can’t cash in from this corner’ and then seeing him come in was tough. Especially him (O’Nien) scoring because he’s a busy little one – he’s a good player.

“It was horrible watching it from there. We have come all this way, played very well but lost. If we couldn’t win, then don’t concede. We must move forward.

“We had chances in the first half and if you don’t get a lot of them in games you have to take them. That’s life. We can’t score or win every game and we just have to learn from it.

“We played really well in big parts of the game, but there are little things to work out like the final balls and the decision making. If we get that right, we’re kicking off a nice little game series. ”

Macauley Bonne pictured during the Shrewsbury Town match.

Macauley Bonne is loaned to Ipswich Town by QPR
– Credit: Photo: Steve Waller –

Commenting on his own play, which saw him fight as a lone striker, with little sight of the goal, Bonne said: “It was a different game for me.

“If I don’t have chances, I have to work hard right now, fight and have a tear. This is what I love to do. I like to fight.

“After the game you shake hands and say well done. This is football. I played non-league football and got hit by pub players so I got used to it.

“I appreciate it. I’ve had two or three on me most of the time so if I don’t win the ball I have to make sure they don’t win it either.

“I’ve tried to be a little meaner over the past two seasons. I’m a big guy and I enjoy the role.


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