Lightbeam acquires Jvion AI and SDoH Solutions

Lightbeam Health Solutions, Inc., the leader in end-to-end population health management solutions and services, today announced that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire the operating assets related to Jvion, Inc., including Jvion’s market-leading AI-enabled prescriptive analytics and social determinants of health (SDoH) solutions. The strategic acquisition combines Lightbeam’s health analytics and outcomes for payers and providers with Jvion’s clinical intelligence and predictive technology. The combination will further enhance and expand Lightbeam’s proactive and preventative capabilities, bringing breakthrough, industry-leading SDoH and health equity offerings to tens of millions of patients.

The acquisition fits well with Lightbeam’s other offerings, including CareSignal. Jvion customers will have access to an advanced suite of evidence-based device-less remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs that improve clinical outcomes, generate 20% reductions in avoidable readmissions, and deliver reliable decreases in use among disparate patient populations. The actionable insights and lasting engagement generated by Jvion CORE and CareSignal’s device-free RPM will serve as a financially sustainable solution for quality of care and health equity in the context of current workforce shortages in the the health sector.

“Together, Lightbeam and Jvion’s technologies will bring critical, proactive and scalable insights to populations about all types of value-based care models,” said Tom Zajac, Executive Chairman of Jvion. “The Jvion team strongly believes in the purpose and promise of our integrated offerings, and I’m thrilled that the Jvion team is starting this next chapter with Lightbeam.”

The acquisition is also specifically designed to benefit existing Jvion customers by increasing the value of solutions already in use. “For current Jvion customers and partners, your success is our success. The breadth and timeliness of the combined technology and services will extend fully, and first and foremost, to our customers and partners,” said Pat Cline, CEO of Lightbeam.

The combination establishes the partnership as the undisputed leader in population health management through masterfully aligned product offerings, including:

  • Data aggregation and analysis that streamline clinical workflows, optimize risk stratification and turn insights into results
  • Predictive models and AI who have the power to predict risk to the patient and prompt clinical intervention
  • Remote patient monitoring without device that increases staff efficiency by bringing patient screening and patient care management wherever they are in their care journey

About Lightbeam Health Solutions

Lightbeam Health Solutions offers a proven model for managing patient populations and associated risks. Lightbeam’s vision is to bring health data to light through the use of analytics, and provide the insights and capabilities healthcare customers need to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Lightbeam makes population health management easier for CCOs, payers, provider groups, health systems, and other healthcare organizations aspiring to deliver higher quality care at lower cost. For more information, visit and follow Lightbeam on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Jvion

Jvion, a leader in AI-based prescriptive intelligence and social determinants of health solutions, enables providers, payers and other healthcare entities to identify and prevent harm, usage and costs preventable for patients. An industry first, the Jvion CORE™ goes beyond predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients about to become high-risk. Jvion then determines which interventions will most effectively reduce risk and enable clinical and operational action. CORE accelerates time to value by leveraging intelligence established at the patient level to drive engagement across healthcare organizations, populations and individuals. To date, the Jvion CORE has been deployed to hundreds of customers and saved millions of dollars.

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