Letter to the Editor: Class Inequality Still Present

A friend who lives in India told a story. In his mother’s time (my friend is a grandfather), the “untouchables” had to wear brooms hanging from their hair or around their necks to wipe their footprints on the paths.

We find it horrible and disgusting. That could never happen here in the United States, a nation built against social stratification and stagnation. A nation where anyone can rise above their birth station, even to become president.

Yet that is exactly what we have become. It has gone beyond hypocrisy to become a caste system. Legislatures and Congress pass laws that they themselves have no intention of obeying. While smugly proclaiming a liberal, welcoming to diversity, equality for all ethnicities, races or religions, in practice they act in opposite ways.

The governor of Florida transported fifty illegal immigrants to the wealthy enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, which prides itself on being a “sanctuary region” where a former president owns an $11 million mansion. Also where signs proclaimed “hate has no place here”, the National Guard was immediately called in to expel the illegal immigrants, which was done within 48 hours.

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It doesn’t stop there. The list of privileges for the upper caste goes on and on: masking and distancing for you, but not for me. Scandals for you, not me (helped by mainstream media and big tech). No trade with Communist China for you, not for me. Armed guards for me—pay off the police for you and so on.

What can be done to eliminate the caste system in the United States? I do not know. A “red wave?” A national Christian revival to return to the values, ethics and morals of the middle class of the past? All I can do is pray.

Bob Dorsey, Pleasant Prairie

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