Lehigh County Humane Society Selects ExceedFurther, All-in-One Digital Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management and Auction Software from Arreva

Lehigh County Humane Society has made the strategic choice of ExceedFurther, the industry’s only all-in-one, fully integrated and automated software, joining animal welfare organizations and countless other nonprofits in the States organizations that successfully transform and streamline their fundraising to create and increase awareness, attract new donors, retain and cultivate existing donors, and raise more funds to accomplish their missions.

FORT LAUDERDALE Fla.and PALO ALTO California., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Arreva®, the trusted advisor and industry leader in digital fundraising, donor relationship management, healthcare hospitality and auction software organizations, announced that the Lehigh County Humane Society has selected Arreva’s ExceedFurther® as its all-in-one strategic solution, digital fundraising and donor relations management software.

Humane Society of Lehigh County, southeast pennsylvania, was founded in 1906 to provide refuge for homeless animals and prevent cruelty to animals and children. In recent years, the organization has also established a community veterinary clinic that provides affordable and accessible veterinary care for pets in the greater area. Lehigh Valley community in an effort to address the lack of resources that many pet owners face, especially in underserved or marginalized communities. The organization also helps keep pets out of shelters and into the homes of people who love them through adoptions, taking in about 2,000 animals a year and placing them in loving environments.

jackie folson, director of development at the Lehigh County Humane Society since 2015, is excited about what switching to Arreva’s scalable, all-in-one, fully integrated software platform means for her organization. “We made the strategic decision to dramatically increase our digital fundraising and donor relationship management capabilities and knew we would need something that could do so much more than what we could do with the software. fundraising apps we had in place. We specifically wanted to find a partner and a solution that delivered all the best fully integrated and automated fundraising apps we can put in place now, and as we continue to grow, to help us raise awareness, acquire new donors and cultivate donors, including online giving, events, peer-to-peer fundraisers, team fundraisers, text messages, volunteers, campaign management, grants, auctions, and more so we can truly scale our fundraising as a the organization.

With this in mind, the organization set out to find a new software partner and began an extensive process of researching and evaluating the industry’s leading software solutions. Folsom says, “Our team looked at all the fundraising and donor management platforms on the market, including Arreva, and found the choice was very clear. able to see exactly what the software looked like through an extensive library of videos and a powerful one-on-one software demonstration that included live examples of how much other organizations, including other animal welfare organizations, are collecting more money and engage their donors and supporters with ExceedFurther. Our team, including our CEO, all voted and unanimously chose Arreva as our software partner. Everything about seamless data migration and integration only reinforced the excellent decision we had made. We are absolutely thrilled with how ExceedFurther meets all of our needs, all flowing seamlessly into the fully integrated single database. pushing us towards an even more paperless and unified approach to our organization’s fundraising and donor management initiatives. »

Lehigh County Humane Society has already had immediate success with ExceedFurther. Folsom shares, “We’ve already launched two successful fundraising events, and in January we launched a Betty White Challenge fundraising campaign in memory of At Betty White’s Anniversary using one of our ExceedFurther unlimited giving pages for tribute donations which were easily integrated into our daily email blasts in combination with our Facebook posts promoting the campaign. The results have been tremendous. We received more donations than ever before in such a short time. In just one week, we collected more than $16,000 in online donations only through the ExceedFurther fundraising platform. Arreva’s ExceedFurther has provided us with incredibly broad capabilities beyond what other solutions on the market offer. It truly lives up to the promise to go further in our fundraising and donor engagement efforts. We have just started! I absolutely recommend Arreva to any nonprofit looking to grow and truly transform what it does with an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform to optimize every facet of its development, from fundraising funds online at peer-to-peer. fundraising, team fundraising, events, volunteers, campaign management and more. This is especially perfect for Humane Societies and other animal welfare organizations!”

David Blyerco-founder and CEO of Arreva, adds, “We are thrilled to have the Lehigh County Humane Society join the countless animal welfare organizations and other nonprofits that we have been able to help fulfill their important missions with an all- in- a unique approach to fundraising, donor relations management and auctions. It is personally and professionally rewarding to see how Arreva’s all-in-one software delivers extraordinary value to our clients by helping them acquire new donors, cultivate and engage existing donors, and raise more money, while saving time and making a difference.”

Learn more about Arreva at http://www.arreva.com or schedule a personal consultation and demo of Arreva’s ExceedFurther, the all-in-one, cloud-based, digital fundraising and donor relationship management software and healthcare hospitality apps , and our MaestroSoft digital auction software and services at http://www.arreva.com/demo.

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