Layby used as a toilet in Tursdale near Amazon Durham is finally closed

RESIDENTS living in a village in County Durham “ravaged” by human feces and urine can finally breathe a sigh of relief after a permanent shutdown of a rest area.

Families living in Tursdale, near the Integra 61 industrial area, remained “angry and disgusted” after transporters illegally parked and used the village as a rest stop and makeshift toilet.

A deluge of human excrement, toilet paper and bottles of urine in the parking lot and adjacent field had become daily after residents claimed Amazon moved to the estate last year.

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Parents shared their disgust when one captured the moment a truck driver urinated in public in broad daylight, while others feared a walk through the devastated area could prove fatal for them. their pets.

A driver was pictured urinating in broad daylight last year Photo: CONTRIBUTOR

But now, after months of discussions and consultations, Durham County Council has confirmed the rest area has been closed and will not reopen.

Amazon has previously said it takes the concerns raised “very seriously” and that any disruption caused by drivers does not reflect the company’s “high standards”.

A resident, who has lived in the village for more than 40 years, shared his relief after more than a year of disruption and uncertainty over whether to take action.

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He told The Northern Echo: “The decision was well received as the situation was extremely difficult, now we are all hoping that will eradicate it.

“If you had asked any of us, it was still the same as a year ago – human waste continued because nothing was being done.”

The Echo of the North:

Residents had discovered waste thrown in the field opposite Photo: CONTRIBUTOR

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said a series of temporary measures had been implemented before what is supposed to be a more permanent solution.

He said: “Everything is now blocked, they also put yellow double lines in the roundabout just to prevent them from parking.

“What is now proposed is that there will be two large doors at each end of the parking lot, but we expected that to happen in November.”

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While the concerns first surfaced last December, residents said they were “completely disappointed” after reporting the issue to council on several occasions.

Residents said up to five trucks would park “at all hours of the day and night” despite signage asking drivers to keep the area clear.

Images captured by residents also showed how trucks, not only serving Amazon’s warehouse, were often seen double-parked, completely blocking the parking area.

The Echo of the North:

Trucks were often depicted on clear road signs Image: CONTRIBUTOR

But confirming action had been taken, the council acknowledged that residents had expressed concerns and had held consultations.

Dave Wafer, Head of Transportation and Contractual Services at Durham County Council, said: “Local residents have already expressed concern about a high number of heavy goods vehicles using the Tursdale parking lot and associated anti-social behavior.

“We therefore consulted on a traffic decree prohibiting all vehicles from using the parking lot. Residents and local elected officials supported this decree.

“Following only one objection, the matter was examined by our roads commission in September.

The Echo of the North:

The parking area is now blocked from all vehicle accesses Photo: SARAH CALDECOTT

“The committee approved the decision and we were able to proceed with the closure. ”

Responding to concerns raised previously, Amazon said it strives to be a “good neighbor” and takes issues raised by residents “very seriously”.

A spokesperson said: “Amazon strives to be a good neighbor and we take this matter very seriously.

“Any disruption caused by drivers does not reflect the high standards we have for our carrier partners and their drivers.

“We have informed our carrier partners of the concerns raised and continue to reinforce and remind them of the guidelines for proper driver behavior.

“We expect all of our carriers to comply with these guidelines.”

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