Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society celebrates 35th anniversary

LAWTON, Oklahoma (KSWO) – The Lawton Comanche County Humane Society is celebrating 35 years of saving animals and putting them in loving homes.

The Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society operates without physical shelter, relying entirely on foster families to house animals and community donations to provide care for dogs and cats.

Sarah Williams is a member of the fundraising committee that looks after newborn puppies and kittens.

“100% of the money goes to food, to care, like with Tank the medical bills we incur,” Williams said. “Sterilize, sterilize, any kind of money like that goes straight back to the animals.”

Earlier this month, 7NEWS told you about a man accused of animal cruelty after hitting a dog in Indiahoma.

The Humane Society saved this young dog named Tank, who is now healing in a loving foster home.

“The sheriffs actually picked up the dog and took him to Dr. Webb at the Lawton Animal Clinic and had a broken leg,” Williams said. “He had chemical burns. He’s blind in his left eye, but as you saw, you would never know. He is the greatest lover there is.

She said stories like Tank’s are exactly the reason the volunteers continue to work, especially under heart-wrenching circumstances.

“With cases like this it’s amazing to see them heal, and like I said the animals are so amazing because he has no ill will towards anyone,” said Williams. “He’s been horribly, horribly abused and he still loves people. “

According to Vice-President Donna Campos-Barahona, all the effort is for the love of animals.

“It’s not about the money, of course, you know everyone has a fee that we have to pay for things, but it’s basically about trying to get our animals home and that ‘ is the most important thing, ”Campos-Barahona said.

Tank is not yet available for adoption, but when he is, you can find him on the site.

You can view adoptable animals or donate on the website at

You can also donate to Lawton Veterinary Hospital under the name of the Humane Society to help with medical bills.

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