Kingswinford chip shop plan rejected after neighbors petition


PLANS to convert a convenience store to a chip shop in Kingswinford were rejected after a petition with more than 100 signatures was submitted by neighbors.

The proposal to convert the old Lifestyle Express of Wolverhampton Road into a chip shop was rejected by planners at Dudley Council.

A petition against the proposal with 122 names has been submitted to Dudley Council planners with concerns centered on increased traffic, litter, anti-social behavior and too many takeaways nearby.

Another 25 letters of opposition were submitted by people citing concerns about litter, traffic, odors and odors and the 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday-Saturday opening hours being inappropriate in a residential area.

A neighbor said the plan came as a “devastating shock.”

They said there was a public right of way on the side of the store leading to Charterfield Estate with a large grassed area which “was used by groups of young people for the purpose of underage drinking, resulting in antisocial behavior. ”

They added: “The proposed hot food outlet would undoubtedly act as a magnet for youth groups, offering them the perfect opportunity to purchase fish and chips to consume on the grassed area of ​​the catwalk. ”

The planners listened to the concerns and declined the request.

One report states: “The introduction of a hot take-out dish near adjacent residential premises would have a significantly detrimental impact on the enjoyment of neighbors due to the odors and noise and general disturbance associated with the operation, particularly late at night.”

He continues: “Insufficient information has been provided regarding the impact of the development on the local road network, as the development is likely to increase the number of vehicles and visitors to the property, which could create problems due to the lack of parking. and incidents of indiscriminate and illegal parking. ”

Planners’ notes indicate chip shop would have employed three full-time employees


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