Kauai Humane Society Needs Your Help To Obtain Much-needed X-ray Machine

HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Kauai Humane Society (KHS) needs your help to obtain an x-ray machine essential to quickly diagnose serious medical injuries.

KHS previously partnered with another organization that would outsource their x-ray machine, but it is no longer accessible. Now KHS has to raise $ 60,000 to buy its own.

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While the animal shelter is not seeing an increase in the number of animals needing x-rays, it is still important for them to secure a machine as it is used frequently, at least twice a month on average.

“We sometimes see pets being returned to the shelter because they need serious medical treatment and the owner is unwilling to take responsibility or cannot afford the treatment. Having access to an x-ray machine means we can pinpoint the medical problem with precision, ”said Caitlin Fowlkes, KHS spokesperson.

Fowlkes adds that this is useful for staff to start treatment effectively and also to provide information to partner organizations who are managing some of their medical cases.

One example she gives is a recent owner surrender case involving a dachshund dog named Marlee who was surrendered with paralyzed hind legs.

Marlee the dachshund dog. (Courtesy: Kauai Humane Society)

“Because we don’t have an x-ray machine right now, we have to do some testing done by another vet clinic to treat it,” Fowlkes said. “If we had our own x-ray machine, we would be able to perform our own up-to-date scans, track their treatment and allow their adopter to have the most recent information. ”

Fowlkes says Marlee now has a wheelchair that he enjoys riding under cover.

The x-ray machine is not only used to confirm broken or dislocated bones, but it can also detect internal injuries such as hernias. Staff can often determine a fractured bone without a scan, but the machine will display a more accurate result of the location of the fracture, allowing more precise medical treatment.

Click here to donate directly to fundraising. KHS also offers the possibility for people to buy cool x-ray prints taken in the past. The Fish Eye Kaua`i Art Gallery has partnered with the shelter for this fundraiser – the prints are matted and are accompanied by the story of the animal featured therein.

“Each impression is a scan of an important medical case that has found a happy ending thanks to KHS, or has been used as a learning tool for our veterinary technicians,” said Fowlkes.

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Each print also has a story explaining the importance of digitization. All profits go to KHS.

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