Kanye West’s Instagram account restricted for violating social media platform’s policy regarding his anti-Jewish comment

Rapper Kanye West’s Instagram account has been restricted for violating the platform’s policies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company deleted content from Kanye West’s Instagram account. Also, although the account is still visible, a restriction has been placed on it. Meta has a policy of imposing restrictions on users after repeated violations, which may temporarily prevent the user from sharing posts, writing comments or sending direct messages. Kanye West defends ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt, says ‘White Lives Matter, They Do!’ (See the pictures).

West, who uses the handle @kanyewest on the platform, recently shared a now-deleted post containing a screenshot of a message, allegedly sent to rapper Diddy, who had been criticized as anti-Semitic by Jewish advocacy groups like the ‘American Jewish Committee. Vogue issues a statement defending Gabriella Karefa-Johnson amid attacks from Kanye West, saying the bullying is “unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, Kanye returned to Twitter after a long hiatus, where he slammed Meta Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and tweeted, in part, “How did you go kick me off instagram.” Elon Musk, who this week confirmed his intention to buy Twitter, responded to West’s tweet by posting, “Welcome to Twitter, my friend!” Kanye also faced restrictions on Instagram earlier. In March, the rapper was suspended from the platform for 24 hours. Content from West’s account was also removed during this incident for violating hate speech, bullying and harassment policies.

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