It is illegal to ride an all-terrain motorcycle on land without permission, according to police.


POLICE officers from the Borders Community Action Team were in the Monynut area of ​​Berwickshire last week following reports of off-road motorcycles illegally using the area and causing damage to fences.

The team which is funded by the Scottish Borders Council in addition to the staff allocated by Police Scotland operates across the region, focusing on important local issues such as anti-social behavior, drugs, illegal parking and theft.

After the deployment, Sergeant Rourke reminded the public that it is illegal to operate an off-road motorcycle on land without permission from the landowners and added that officers spoke to the various landowners in the Monynut area who confirm that they have not given their consent for people to ride off-road motorcycles in the area.

A statement on social media said: “This could result in the seizure of your motorcycle and be charged with road traffic offenses and possibly result in penalty points on your driver’s license.

“If they are used on a public road, they are subject to all the usual requirements of road traffic law, including insurance, license, registration, and that all appropriate safety equipment is installed for road use. ”


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