Information Society Shares Vibrant New Music Video for “Would You Like Me If I Played A Guitar”

Information Society Shares Vibrant New Music Video For

Synthpop, while electrifying only in audio, is often amplified with bold visuals. In their video for “Would You Like Me If I Played A Guitar”, Information Society reveals the heart of the genre through new-wave visual effects. At the start of the video, you get the impression that lead singer Kurt Larson is moving around in a video game: turquoise lights and lightning move across the screen, and the background alternates between colored Greek statues. neon and geometric mountains on a magenta sea.

During the instrumental section, cartoon silhouettes dance through a comic book-like musical world, perhaps reminiscent of the band’s beginnings in the late 1980s. In a press release with Reybee Inc., the producer and keyboardist Paul Robb said, “This song is new, but the feeling goes back to our early days in Minneapolis, when we felt ignored because we were a synthpop band and everyone in town was playing music. grungy guitar (or Prince). ”

The song is from their eighth and most recent album, Weird. The album also features the conduct “Room 1904”, Which like the aforementioned video is also about getting unrequited love. (Funny, though, that Larson appears to be wearing a wedding ring in a video about convincing a woman to love him.)

The video was produced by Zeke Prebluda, a member of the “unofficial” group, who also directed the retro-futuristic lyrical video for “Enough people”, Not to mention the visuals of the last 10 years. As the hyperpop grows – like the TikTok viral sound of “SugarCrash!” and the very popular 1000 guys – the synthpop that the information society has been creating for decades could experience a resurgence.


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