Improved security to reduce vandalism in parking lots


New security measures have been approved by the Council’s Goods and Services Committee in an effort to combat recurring vandalism of the Alfred Street parking building.

Councilor Brian Dawson, who holds the parking portfolio, says that unfortunately, over the years, the building has been the target of anti-social behavior and vandalism, especially on levels 2 and 3.

“Antisocial activities such as partying and leaving garbage and broken glass, and branding have become more and more common. Severe vandalism, including damage to barriers, elevator doors and vehicles, is also occurring more often and repair costs are increasing, ”said Clr Dawson.

In an effort to prevent this activity, the committee agreed, subject to full Council ratification, to upgrade the CCTV system to be compatible with the Blenheim city center system and to install Additional CCTV cameras to improve coverage throughout the building from the parking lot.

The committee also agreed to increase security by locking the top floor of the building to allow access by elevator or stairs to authorized persons only. The installation of a roll-up grille will limit vehicle access to the top floor to authorized vehicles only. These measures will not hamper the people who park in the building because they will always have access up to level 2 via the elevator or the stairs.

Clr Dawson says council hopes the increased security measures, which will be implemented by the end of the year, will reduce the anti-social behavior to which members of the public have been subjected while using the parking lot.

“In the meantime, anyone seeing suspicious behavior in the parking lot should contact APL Property Limited on tel 03 577 7780 or call 111 if there is an immediate risk to life or property,” he said.

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