Hundreds of Parents Join Positive Parenting Intervention Program | New

A year-long social intervention program for parents in Denham Town, Jones Town and Hannah Town, organized by the Joy Town Community Development Foundation, saw more than 200 parents sign up to participate in the Positive Parenting for Advancement project ( P2A) starting next month. . The project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Democracy International as part of its Positive Pathways activity in Jamaica.

The foundation recently held a series of social services and job fairs in each of the three communities to introduce the program to mothers and fathers who want to work together for better family life and self-reliant children, which has resulted in a reduction family and community violence.

“I believe that God turns the hearts of fathers back to children and the hearts of children back to fathers. Joy Town is therefore pleased to be able to help facilitate this through our Positive Parenting for Advancement program,” said Major Richard Cooke, Founder and Chairman of the Joy Town Community Development Foundation.

He said three fairs held in Denham Town, Hannah Town and Jones Town over the past few weeks have received very good support from residents, community leaders and political representatives, with residents visiting booths of various government agencies at each fair to benefit from the immediate turnaround services offered on site.

For 21 years, the Joy Town Community Development Foundation has worked to transform downtown communities into peaceful, productive, law-abiding communities through community development, education and training, the promotion of economic activity and healthy lifestyles.

The Positive Parenting for Advancement project aims to reduce negative parenting practices and stress caused by lack of resources. The project is expected to equip parents to raise children prone to prosocial behaviors, reject violence as a means of conflict resolution, and become more productive contributors to family and society.

It is supported by the National Health Fund, National Insurance Scheme, Program of Advancement Through Health and Education, Registrar General’s Department, COK Sodality Co-operative Credit Union, Best Dressed Chicken, Jamaican Teas and Continental Baking Company (National).

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