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Dear Editor,

How to watch a society destroy itself:

Again this week, violence raged in a community in America. He has become so regular that we are almost numb to the constant news about him.

For some reason, the shooting of these 19 kids really hit home. Watching the news, my eyes watered. I know that feeling, you say goodbye, thinking you’ll see your kid again later, and poof, they’re gone forever. I’ve also experienced the flip side of expecting a parent to get advice and direction, but they’re no longer part of your life. We are all gonna die; Unfortunately, many people fail to achieve their dreams.

Massacre and destruction of life in Uvalde hit home. I don’t know why, but it occurred to me. The argument that guns don’t kill people is boring like the argument that it makes me sick. I said that when there was a series of reckless terrorist attacks in Europe using trucks, cars or knives, the destruction would have been worse if firearms had been available as they are here.

Let’s examine this argument. Dangerous, mentally ill and disenfranchised people commit these horrors. They need help; first, they have to recognize that they need it, then they have to seek it out, and finally, they have to be able to afford it. This is the central problem; no facilities are available here, and the government does not help its citizens. It is not profitable. Psychiatric hospitals have been closed, raising the critical issue of socialized medicine or affordable alternatives; there isn’t, which means it will continue next week and the week after. That’s not the heart of the matter, it’s just one of the reasons we keep going down this path.

Not only do we live in this violence, but children also kill children, what does this say about our society? The future is being destroyed; if we can’t keep our children safe, there’s nothing left.

Do we need 393 million weapons here? Should we make them as easy to get as a box of cereal? What really struck me was that I heard, “We had just done an active fire exercise; children know what to do. What! It’s part of the school curriculum. Are you serious? No one finds this strange. We are not in a war zone, or maybe we are? The fact that it is part of the education system and considered normal speaks volumes.

How did we come here? Why don’t people parade in the street, as if it were Viet Nam? People and children are dying, and the news cycle will continue until the next incident; when is it enough?

I watch a once great country crumble from within. We are either right or left; more center; the truth is a matter of opinion, not the truth, and let’s not protect our children. The decline of the Great American Empire is upon us; Either we wake up and find a way to fix ourselves, or we continue on this path to become useless. It’s yours. Each of you make a difference or just sit on the sidelines and watch.


Michael Shane, Malibu

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