How Acceptmycash™ Leverages Influencers to Become the Fastest Growing Lending Marketplace with Social Media Presence

Acceptmycash™ is causing a stir online with its unique online social media influencer strategy and beyond.

Acceptmycash™, an emerging player in the online lending market, is disrupting traditional advertising models by leveraging a close relationship with social media influencers and average users. With a network of more than fifty [50] household names on social media, the company has fostered a symbiotic relationship for the benefit of influencer, consumer and society.

With its connections to influencers and fun content, the company is quickly accumulating a large following on social media. “We intend to become the most popular loan application service on social media, and then we will compete for [simply] the most popular,” explained Thomas, spokesperson for the brand.

The company, whose founder has been deeply involved in generating online leads for the lending space since 2007, has seen a rapid shift in user appetite after the isolation events in 2020. While hashtags, such as #tiktokmademebuyit became a reality, the founder saw a rapid demand for “real” businesses to provide more than a service to their customers; they also had to provide entertainment and social validation.

Fast forward to 2022, Acceptmycash™ was formed with the same network of loan companies, but with a new focus on marketing. The company chose to dedicate 100% of its marketing budget to improving influencer results, while producing a “socially validated” brand.

The company offers list management and bio-link monetization services to influencers. By offering these services, the influencer can maintain brand agreements while creating a “safety net” of follower data in the event of suspension or rebranding. Most exciting of its influencer relationships is the opportunity to receive passive income from the monetization efforts provided by Acceptmycash™.

“We believe users would like to see brands that are alive, deep and validated on social media. Therefore, we sought out the experts in the field – the social media influencers themselves,” explained Alexis, Development Coordinator influencers.

Acceptmycash™ provides a quick and easy to use application form that only takes a few minutes to complete. The company has simple requirements to apply, including work history, 18+, and US citizenship. Users can take advantage of this social loan application service by visiting the Acceptmycash™ website or they can find them working closely with popular social media influencers on every platform – using the name @acceptmycash.

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