House passes $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill, putting social policy bill on hold


But while the safe-seat Liberal Democrats have delved into their ambitious welfare and climate change bill, those in swing neighborhoods have clearly been frightened.

Among Democrats who called for better cost management of the welfare bill were members of precarious districts, such as Mr. Golden, from northern Maine, Ms. Murphy, from central Florida, and Ms. Spanberger, whose suburban district outside of Richmond, Va., swung sharply to the right.

But by noon, their efforts were at a standstill as a 15-minute House vote lasted more than seven hours – a record, lawmakers said, for the chamber’s longest vote – as Ms Pelosi struggled to align his support. Republicans, united against the social policy bill and gleeful from the chaos, forced additional procedural votes to further derail the process.

“Where are the Democrats today? Said Minority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy of California. “Breaking their own rules, setting new records just by keeping the votes open and trying to intimidate and intimidate their own members into voting for something.”

The delay was painfully familiar to Democratic lawmakers and Mr Biden, who have tried and failed twice in recent weeks to get the pair of bills through the House, only to see their plans hampered by internal divisions.

Democratic leaders have tried to use an analysis from the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation and a White House analysis of the costs of spending to convince moderate refractors, to no avail. High-ranking White House aides were seen entering Ms Pelosi’s office as party leaders struggled to win over moderates.

“This is a very difficult task, and we are working on it,” said Rep. Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the majority leader, as he swept aside questions on Friday over whether Democrats would have them. votes needed.


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