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Surat: Signs shouting “Beware of Dogs” are commonplace outside the homes of animal lovers.
But the guests who come Nandavan Society in the Katargam area actually need someone to escort them inside. They must first call the owner of the house they are visiting and he then comes looking for them, sometimes armed with a stick or even a stone, lest a stray dog ​​pounce on them.
The society, which has 180 homes with a population of around 2,500, lives in constant fear as stray dogs have bitten many over the past year.
The children have stopped playing on the road and they only go out in the company of the elders who are always armed with sticks or stones.
“Over 50 people have complained to office staff over the past year about dog bites. These include residents and visitors,” Mahendra said. Kachariyamember of the office of the committee of the company.
Kachariya himself was bitten by a dog on Sunday. “We complained after which CMS took them for vaccination and sterilization. The dogs were brought back here,” he said.
There are nearly 10 stray dogs still on the prowl and two of them have attacked people. Recently, the dogs sank their teeth into two female staff of the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) health department who were taking part in a surveillance exercise. They were helped by locals and both left crying.
“A month ago, my daughter Kavita was going to buy milk in the morning when the dogs bit her on the leg. She suffered a serious bite and we did not receive a vaccine at the local municipal health center. Later we went to a private hospital and took the vaccine,” said Manisha Tarsariya.
Digvijay Ram, Market Superintendent, SMC, said: “We regularly neuter and vaccinate dogs. Since October 2021, approximately 5,000 dogs have been sterilized. During the pandemic, the process has stopped for a long time, and as a result, the number of stray dogs is increasing.


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