Grandmother speaks out against drugs and a wave of vandalism in Ocean Village

AN OCEAN Village’s grandmother has denounced the vandalism and anti-social behavior, saying she was pushed away so her grandchildren would stay.

A garage door appears to have been kicked in and a glass door broken in Alcantara Crescent, an otherwise quiet building.

Issues such as nighttime noises have been reported to the police.

Angela Bamberg, who has lived in the Crescent for 18 years, said she does not have her grandchildren with her.

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She told the Echo: “They are six and eight. I don’t have them with me.

“They’re not used to seeing things like this. We don’t live in St Mary’s, we live here.”

The septuagenarian added: “The residents are professionals, grandmothers, people who have had a job and want to return home to a peaceful environment.

“These people expect to influence the rest of us with what they do.

“It’s the noise and all these people running around at night. I have a problem with people disturbing other people’s peace of mind.”

But she added that the block of flats had been “a nice place to live” for almost two decades.

Hampshire Police say they are “taking action” to resolve the issues.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues at an address in Alcantara Crescent and are currently taking steps to resolve them, including working with partners to find a long-term solution for residents.

“We encourage them to continue to report incidents and information to us online or via 101 to support the work we are doing.”

A notice on the door to Alcantara Apartments, by Alexandra Quay Management Company, reads: ‘Numerous complaints of suspicious and anti-social behavior have been received over the past month around Alcantara Crescent.

“All residents can be on the lookout for any unusual behavior (outside, in common areas and garages) and strangers wandering the grounds.

“Please report any such incidents to the police immediately by phone or at this link:

“Please report to Hampshire Police as AQMCL.”

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