Gardaí arrests over 400 people in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day festival

GARDAÍ ARRESTED A total of 434 people in the capital on the occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day, The newspaper has learned.

The vast majority of these arrests were for public order incidents, while a smaller percentage were for drug and theft offences.

The figures cover all districts of the Dublin Metropolitan Area (DMR) from March 16 to 20.

In the North Central DMR (which covers the northern part of the city), there were 94 arrests, including 49 for maintaining public order and 16 for theft. The rest involved a host of other offences, including drugs, fraud, assault and driving under the influence.

In the South Central DMR (which covers the southern part of the city), there were 140 arrests, including 70 for disturbing public order.

In DMR Northern (which covers Coolock, Ballymun, Raheny and Balbriggan) there were 63 arrests – 16 for public order and 10 for theft.

In DMR Southern (which covers areas such as Tallaght, Crumlin and Terenure) there were 50 arrests – 11 for public order offenses with the rest spread across various other offences.

As part of Operation Citizen, which was introduced in an attempt to reduce anti-social behavior and petty crime in the city. Senior and local Garda leadership planned, organized and coordinated police activities in the capital during the St. Patrick’s Day festival.

This included high visibility member patrols.

In total, more than 2,100 Garda personnel of all ranks were deployed on St. Patrick’s Day and Night in the capital.

In her report to the Joint Policing Committee, the deputy commissioner responsible for DMR, Anne Maria Cagney, said there was also a greater focus on policing public transport.

“There was good cooperation from the management of some licensed premises in the DMR, who agreed to refrain from selling alcohol until 4 p.m., which helped considerably to ensure the maintenance of the agenda on St. Patrick’s Day.

‘St Patrick’s Day has seen a major influx of social activity into the DMR which has required an appropriate and proportionate police response to reassure citizens, visitors and the business community in Dublin that this is a ‘a safe place to visit, socialize, do business and enjoy all its amenities during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival,’ she said.

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