Dr Disrespect Game Studio Midnight Society throws shade at 100 Thieves

100 Thieves confirms that it will be developing a game over the next few years, and Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society throws shade at the announcement.

Since moving to Youtube from Twitch, Dr Disrespect continued to reach new fans on the platform and opened a game studio called Midnight Society to expand his reach. After 100 Thieves confirmed that he was also working on his own game, Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society comically threw shade at the organization.

Upon news of 100 Thieves working on a game, the Midnight Society Twitter account took the opportunity to throw shade. Midnight Society said “a new competition has entered the arena…always nice to have someone to be better than”, in response to the 100 Thieves video announcing the game. From either developer, it’s currently unclear if the two games share any similarities or when they’ll be released, but Midnight Society could beat 100 Thieves to the punch given the lead it has. .


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Midnight Society has confirmed some details about their game, currently known as Project Moon, as if it’s a vertically focused shooter rather than using a mostly flat map like fortnite and PUBG fans know well. Development studio Dr Disrespect also said it would integrate NFTs into the game, but did not confirm how they will be used. There are already thousands of Founder’s Pass holders for Midnight Society’s escape game, suggesting the developer has a team of beta testers ready for the end of a build, which 100 Thieves may be considering. .

100 Thieves confirmed their next game with a video on May 18 in which Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and John Robinson discussed Project X and how long they brainstormed ideas for it. Call of Duty Pro Nadeshot was quick to note that without video games, 100 Thieves might not exist because he wouldn’t be around, and that enthusiasm might be what fuels the development of Project X.

While it’s currently unclear what type of game 100 Thieves are working on, the organization’s talent pool can help them fine-tune and balance things out for a live audience. Among the 100 Thieves roster are content creators like YouTube streamers Courage and Valkyrae and capable trainers like Mithy and Reapered, but 100 Thieves may need to expand by adding more developers to the team considering their Project X goals. Most fan reactions to 100 Thieves announcing they are working on a game are very positive, and Midnight Society’s shadow launch may be part of a friendly competition that lasts until the end. release of both games.

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