Dixon Historical Society meeting in May to focus on Bracero program – The Vacaville Reporter

The May meeting of the Dixon Historical Society will focus on the agreements between the United States and Mexico that brought agricultural labor to the region and new communities to Dixon in the mid-20th century.

The Bracero program, which will also be the subject of a Dixon History Museum exhibit that opens May 5, will be the subject of the society’s next monthly meeting.

In 1942, a shortage of agricultural labor during World War II resulted in the Mexican Agricultural Labor Program, which allowed millions of Mexican citizens to work legally in the United States on short-term labor contracts. for agricultural projects, railway construction and more.

The program became known as the Bracero program and notably brought many laborers to Dixon who worked to feed the nation for over 20 years and even moved to town to raise families. The program ended in 1964.

Fred Barry, Maria Cornejo-Lopez and Tom Galindo will share their knowledge of the Bracero program in the Dixon area. Members and guests are invited to attend the presentation and share their memories of the Bracero program. Refreshments will be served followed by a members meeting. Membership applications will be available at the meeting. The annual fee is $20 for an individual membership and $25 for a couple.

The meeting will be held from 2-4 p.m. May 24 at the Dixon United Methodist Church, 209 N. Jefferson St.

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