Digital Medicine Society’s Virtual First Care Initiative IMPACT Launches Toolkit for Payer Virtual Primary Care Contracts


BOSTON, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, IMPACT – the Virtual First Care (V1C) initiative co-organized by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and the American Telemedicine Association – presented the Phave-V1C VStool kit. The Toolkit provides a purpose-built guide that can be used when contracting with V1C solutions, providing a vital resource to accelerate V1C adoption and thereby improve results, access and performance. patient experience. A public meeting for leaders in the virtual care industry will detail the toolkit and accompanying resources at October 1, 2021.

V1C is medical care for individuals or a community accessible through digital interactions where possible, clinician-guided and integrated into a person’s daily life. Amid a global pandemic that has forced millions of healthcare professionals to go increasingly virtual, V1C has become both a vital and winning approach. As a result, the industry has begun to recognize that when healthcare is built around the patient, not the clinic, a new caliber of experience, efficiency and quality can be provided.

To make V1C a new standard of care accessible on a large scale, reimbursement by a third party payer of these solutions is essential. However, existing payment processes have not been able to keep pace with rapid V1C innovations, and V1C solutions do not fit into traditional contractual structures.

IMPACT’s Payer-V1C Contract Toolkit offers a suite of action-oriented resources, such as a Payer-V1C Contract Guide, a V1C Payment Models Guide, and a V1C Coding Library that highlights evidently the refundable codes V1C. The toolkit will support alignment between payer systems and processes supporting new modalities of care to facilitate contracting and ultimately drive more effective adoption of V1C.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity to evolve V1C as an option for all patients,” says Claire Meunier, COO at DiMe. “Yet there is a critical sticking point right now: Payers need to be able to contract with V1C solutions as easily as they can contract with vendors and vendors. , V1C’s promise risks being limited to the most progressive self-insured employer models or the most progressive self-insured employer models, which is woefully below its potential. ”

“Our usual contractual approaches require us to classify an outsourcing solution as a vendor or vendor, and we do a lot of revisions to adapt the contract to what the V1C solution offers and pay for the V1C services,” describes Marcus Thygeson, Chief Medical Officer of Health at Bind Benefits. “IMPACT’s work on the Payer-V1C Contract Toolkit provides a third path that payers can take and presents an opportunity for more efficient contracts as we look at the V1C category. “

“We are delighted to launch this resource into the field,” says Sean duffy, co-founder and CEO of Omada Health. “Since Omada contracted with its first customer in 2013, we have been working with our customers to effectively contract as a V1C supplier. This Payer-V1C Contract Toolkit builds on that and provides a valuable resource for virtual businesses and payers. . Using this toolkit, we can all focus on the real reason V1C is here: serving patients with solutions that work.

To learn more, visit or attend the public meeting to October 1, 2021 which will detail the toolkit and accompanying resources.

About IMPACT: Hosted by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), vIrtual first Medical PrActice CollaboraTion (“IMPACT”) is a pre-competitive collaboration of leading digital health companies, investors, payers and consultants dedicated to virtual support – early medical organizations and their commitment to patient-centered care. To become a member, visit to find out more and inquire today.

About the Digital Medicine Society: The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is the professional society serving the digital medicine community, promoting scientific advancement and broad acceptance of digital medicine to improve public health. At DiMe, our commitment to fully integrate experts from all disciplines that make up digital medicine is unwavering. From regulators to hackers, ethicists to engineers, and clinicians to citizen scientists, we are proud to welcome all experts committed to ensuring that digital medicine reaches its full potential to improve human health. Join us!

About ATA: As the only organization fully focused on the advancement of telehealth, the American Telemedicine Association is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to safe, affordable and appropriate care when and where they need it, enabling the system to do more good for more people. The ATA represents a broad and inclusive membership network from leading healthcare delivery systems, academic institutions, technology solution providers and payers, as well as partner organizations and alliances, working to advance adoption of telehealth by industry, promote responsible policy, defend government and market standardization. , and provide training and resources to help integrate virtual care into new value-based delivery models. @americantelemed #telehealthishealth #ATApolicy

Media contact: Jamie Gray, [email protected], 310.699.3163

SOURCE Society for Digital Medicine (DiMe)

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